The world today relies heavily on video content, whether it is through social applications, streaming applications or even used in the marketing segment of a business. Businesses have long known the benefits of making their content interactive, fun and bringing it to life for the audience. Video content is always well-received and is highly likely to receive a substantial amount of praise and applaud.

However, when video is added to marketing, the combination is one that is powerful and can help any organization pick up their numbers significantly. Statistics show that in 2017, there were approximately 63% businesses that had already begun incorporating video content marketing to their structures.

By the year 2020, the numbers have increased by a substantial margin and this is rather apparent due to the massive amount of organizations making use of video content in their marketing campaigns as well. Thus, if you are a business owner and have not taken full advantage of video marketing for your business, then you are missing out on more than you can imagine.

There are many digital marketing service providers that have long known the benefits of video marketing for a business and have the means to help businesses reach their full potential through this. One such organization is LANGA, formerly known as LANGA WEB or Langa Web Informatica. LANGA is an advertising company that specializes in digital products and was established in the year 2015. Since then, the company has been successful and garnered massive respect and growth within the industry.

LANGA offers plenty of services pertaining to digital marketing in order to help other organizations grow by improving their digital marketing strategies and techniques. For video content improvement and management, LANGA offers three services that stand out in particular: %VIDEO, %FILM & %SHOOTING. These three services are designed to help organizations improve their video content and ensure that they produce content that is interactive and very helpful to the organization to boost their numbers.

Additionally, many different companies have ensured that they utilize the advantages that video marketing offers by incorporating it into their organizational strategies. Here are some other reasons why you should be using video marketing for your business right now:

1. Substantial Increase in SEO

Branded videos have been around for several years now, and have only continued to grow in number. It was reported that business executives who were made to take a poll, said that they are highly likely to visit the marketer’s own website after they would view a branded video. This is due to the fact that video content is directly responsible for increasing and boosting viewer engagement and intensifying consumer interest, which can easily drive traffic to the personal website of the marketer.

When SEO comes to play, it is evident that the number of clicks your video content receives, in addition to the traffic that it manages to generate, will automatically increase the ranking of your website. When combined with Google’s algorithm, you can expect that this will help your website rank a lot higher. It is advisable that in order to receive the most rewards from your video content, limit it to 2 minutes.

Additionally, transcribing your video script can also help you boost the figures immensely since this will help Google bots scan through your content with the utmost of ease. Other things that should be considered when aiming to boost SEO through video is optimizing videos and enhancing thumbnails.

2. Enhances Engagement Significantly

When a person scrolls through your website, it takes them less than a minute or two to decide whether or not they would like to continue reading it or spend more time on it. They are likely to scan through the website and close it within a matter of minutes. This can greatly affect the ranking of the website. This is also one of the key reasons why video content is important since it engages the users and keeps them on the page for a longer period of time.

3. Higher Chances of Being Shared

When a company focuses on written content, they are likely to receive little to no shares on a daily or even a weekly basis. However, when video content is present, it is a lot more likely to be shared by users, especially if the video is fun, interactive and contains good content. Ultimately, you are likely to receive an increase in viewers when your video is shared, also helping your organization reach a larger audience and reaching a lot more numbers than it would otherwise.

4. Allows Users to Trust the Brand

If your website content is mostly text-based, there is high chance that you are not receiving a good amount of traffic. When this is replaced with video content, not only are you bound to increase customer engagement, but it is also highly likely that customers will begin to trust the brand too.

5. Mobile Users will Increase

Most mobile users spend hours viewing online video content and can increase the likeability of your brand in the eyes of the potential customer. With interactive videos or one’s that have an educational purpose behind them, customers are more likely to be hooked to it. This results in direct conversion.

So, these are just some reasons why you should consider using video marketing for your business.

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Martin Gray is done BSc Degree in MediaLab Arts from the University of Plymouth. He currently lives in New York city. He is a fantastic and reliable content creator with an inspiring and clear vision. He has his own blog on Medium @dailynewnews365