Protein Shaker bottles are the go-to items for fitness enthusiasts or weight watchers. Health experts recommend consuming a minimum of 10 percent of body weight protein. Keeping this fact in mind, it becomes essential for individuals to consume protein. It is difficult to regularly consume this amount of protein from your daily diet, which is when protein shakes come to the rescue. Shaker bottle makes mixing protein powder easy but comes with several other problems. Lumps are formed while shaking, and the residue sticks to the edges, which makes it harmful for the health and difficult to clean.
This is why steel shakers became popular, as they are a one-stop solution for all protein shaker problems. We are listing below why steel shakers should be considered for your daily protein shaking requirements.
1. Safe for Health
Bacteria tend to form in glass and plastic shaker bottles after prolonged use and have to be discarded after a few months. Steel shakers do not provide an ideal environment for bacteria formation and are safe for health. Another benefit of steel protein shakers is that, when exposed to sun or heat, they do not release harmful chemicals as in plastic shakers. The steel shakers provide ambient temperature for the liquid and do not heat much even when exposed to heat. This results in the cooler liquid when compared to glass or plastic shakers. These chemicals are hazardous to health and can lead to serious diseases in the future.

1. Environment Friendly
Apart from caring for self-health, one must also keep environmental health in mind while purchasing. Plastic bottles land up in adding to the landfills and take up over 700 years to decompose. Even glass shakers are hard to recycle and may take years to process. Unlike glass shakers and plastic shaker bottles, Steel is 100 percent recyclable. They are also BPA-free, making them a safe choice for both individuals and the environment. This is why steel shakers are gaining popularity these days and are promoted by environmental enthusiasts.

1. Easy to clean
Lumps and residue formation on the base of the protein shaker is a common problem and hard to clean. However, Steel shakers do not cause any such problem as they are slippery inside, making them easy to hand clean. One might not even hand clean them; just add some water, a few shakes, and the steel shaker is as clean as new. Plastic shakers and glass bottles, after prolonged use, start to smell despite washing them thoroughly. Steel shakers offer a win situation and won’t smell even after years of use. To shop premium quality steel shakers, consider these options before making a purchase:

1. Durable
Glass shakers tend to break easily and build smell due to bacteria formation. Even plastic bottles have to be discarded after a few months of use as they impart unbearable and unexplained smell. Steel shakers would last for years without causing any bacteria to build up or smell. This is one of the major benefits that make steel shakers a popular choice among customers as their durability provides complete value for money. Check out the sturdy, fine quality shakers here:

1. Corrosion Resistant
What people generally worry about is that Steel might be vulnerable to corrosion. However, that is not the case. Steel shakers are completely corrosion resistant, making them fit for long-term use. Stainless Steel contains chromium, iron, manganese, silicon, carbon, and in many cases, nickel and molybdenum. Chromium plays a major role in reacting with oxygen to form corrosion product film over the base. However, since stainless steels have nearly less than 10 percent of chromium makes them stainless or corrosion resistant.

Steel shakers, though, are a little costlier than plastic, and glass protein shakers still offer numerous advantages over them. Tumbler Steel from the world-famous brand ShakesSphere offers capsule-shaped premium shakers that are made using fine food-grade steel quality.

Their ergonomic design does not allow residue formation and prevents forming any lumps. These shaker bottles are leak-proof, and the liquid doesn’t spill even when thrown in the bag carelessly. These extraordinary shakers can even blend fruits without any blades, giving a smooth, consistent liquid in every use. All their shaker bottles are BPA-free and of high-grade food quality. All the shaker bottles feature volume markings on the outside, which allows the user to ascertain the water and protein ratio, making every shake perfect. The brand believes in manufacturing versatile and durable products, and their Tumbler Steel collection with its premium steel quality, capsule design, and durability has won millions of hearts.

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