Adding tobacco to cannabis is a common practice across the world- be it Europe, Australia, the sub-continent countries, and many others.

However, the question which stands before someone who only consumes weed (… and only weed) is why mix tobacco at all…? Why…?

Here are 5 clear reasons WHY YOU SHOULD START SMOKING WEED, PURE…?

Reason # 1: DUH…! You Get A Better Tasting Smoke & A Stronger HIGH.

There’s no argument here stating tobacco has a bad smell. After, all, thousands of dollars are being spend in its manufacture. Some brands have even developed their signature flavour.

The argument which does stand here is WEED TASTES WAY BETTER! (…those who are reading this will whole-heartedly agree too.) So, why bother ruining something which will gives you a better tasting smoke and a stronger high.

After all; you don’t mix Diet Coke with Bourbon… isn’t that right…?

Reason # 2: Tobacco Kills The Cannabis Effect.

Though most weeders ‘don’t give a hoot’ about any discerning facts about smoking (and instead, like smoking the way they want), the truth is mixing tobacco kills the cannabis effect.

Some even argue that smoking tobacco and cannabis mixed together can leave you feeling lethargic and over couch-locked.

Reason # 3: Tobacco Makes You Addictive.

Nicotine is rated to be one of the top-most addictive substances around the world. In comparison, cannabis is warranted as less addictive. Now, though this doesn’t mean that it is not addictive, it does bear a lesser risk of addiction.

And, that should be good enough for you!

Reason # 4: Pure Cannabis Smoke Is LESS HARMFUL To Tobacco’s.

If there is one very important thing to remember when it comes to smoking or inhaling smoke (be it of any kind) it is- all damage the lungs. All this comes down to the science of combustion:

- ‘the combustion breaks the chemical bonds in the compounds, thus creating what is commonly referred to as free radicals. With time, these free radicals (loose compounds) combine together with others to bring about a new spectrum of toxicity inside your body.

So, it is not wrong to state that both cannabis and tobacco smoke (be it individually or together) are harmful. However, studies have shown that cannabis smoke isn’t as toxic as tobacco’s.

So, if you care about your health (and have a love for cannabis, too), then cut out the tobacco from the weed. As it’s best to be on the safer side- even if it is defined by speculation.

Reason # 5: You Can SAVE MONEY.

To mix cannabis with tobacco, you will need to, well, buy tobacco! And that involves getting a pack of cigarette- which needless to say is getting costlier!

The price of a cigarette pack can vary from region to region. And, although there’s no argument stating weed is cheaper to tobacco; you do end up saving a good amount of cash by eliminating it from the equation!

Special Mentioning: — Now that; you’ve been educated on why you should smoke weed, PURE, another important matter warrants discussion. The rolling paper quality (unless if you use pot or pipe), also plays a crucial role in its taste.

You should always procure best-quality rolling papers (preferably organic Hemp papers) from notable brands in the industry.

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