Now you can change your area rug with the same ease you change a tablecloth or curtains.
An innovative idea to make life better for homeowners and renter alike, machine washable rugs are an idea whose time has come. These products are rugs that come in two parts, a pad and a cover. Here is why their rise in popularity is assured.

Cleanliness – Kids and pets are hard on carpets; between the spills and the accidents it is a never-ending battle to remove unsightly stains and unpleasant smells. Washable area rugs that can go in a home washing machine keep the home hygienic and sweet smelling.

Variety – One rug pad works for several interchangeable carpet tops. A selection of less expensive covers allows for variety in any room’s décor. Tops do not require a lot of storage space. Changing the look of any room is in minutes is easy.

Safety – Due to the deterioration of their rubber backing, throw rugs become unsafe over time. This is not a problem with a Ruggable’s rug. Kitchen rugs on a polished floor can be safe as well as clean.

Convenience – These rugs are easy to change as well as easy to clean. Kitchen rugs in front of a back door or serving as a pet’s bed can be washed frequently with a new cover put in place immediately.

Money - Large area rugs are expensive so once purchased the residents are stuck with them for a longtime. The purchase of machine washable area rugs allows for saving money on cleaning.

With their impressive selection of sizes and covers, there are washable rugs and kitchen rugs available for every decorating style. Sizes and patterns available can be found at different websites on the internet.

You can add a new look to your house simply by installing a new washable rug on the floors of different rooms. There are many different styles of rugs that you are able to choose from, so that you can match the decor in each room making it look better. You will love how easy it is to change the way that your house looks simply by laying one of these rugs on the floor. The best part is that you do not have to worry about making a mess out of them since you will be able to throw them into the washing machine anytime that something gets spilled on them making cleanup that much easier for you. When you want to buy some new rugs for your house you need to look online the widest selection of rugs available for an amazingly low price.

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Ruggable 2-Piece Rug System is the solution to common complaints with rugs on the market today. United States and International patent applications are pending for the use of this invention as area rugs, floor runners, kitchen mats, door mats, bath mats, play mats, pet mats, car mats or any other kind of rug or mat. If you need more information about our products or have any questions please visit us at Ruggable , we will be pleased to serve you.