Are looking to get cars for your business use? Not sure whether to buy or lease. When you buy a car, you own it once you make all your monthly payments. Leasing car is more like renting but for a much longer time usually two to three years. A lot of people do not have enough money to make the down payment when buying a car. And this even more difficult if you are looking to buy more than one car.
While car leasing isn't the perfect solution for everyone, it is worth considering the option and here are a few reasons why you should lease.
Get New Cars:
When you buy a car investing a lot of money you own that car more than it's worth not long after you make the initial purchase. If you lease instead of buying, you can get a chance to drive new cars when you trade in your old lease with a new one. You can also lease an expensive premium car for affordable monthly payments.
Less up-front charges:
When you buy a car, you will probably have to pay a heavy down payment. But if you lease, you will have a much lower down payment. Many times, corporate car lease company may not require a down payment at all.
Spend less on repairs and maintenance:
Repairs and maintenance often cost a high amount to the end users. But when you lease your vehicle most of the times it will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you do not have to spend much for expensive repairs. Also, basic maintenance of the vehicle is usually covered by the fleet management company providing a lease.
Fewer sales tax:
Businesses always look on to save on their taxes. If you buy a car, you pay taxes all at once. But when you lease, you will pay taxes on your monthly payments, so there's a good chance you will pay fewer sales tax.

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