The world of wedding photography is wide! Right from a pre-wedding shower, to the D-Day, capturing photographs of posed happy souls and some instant clicks, wedding photography fills up your wedding album with snaps of unforgettable memories. Engagement marks the beginning of all the festivities and the beginning of a wonderful life ahead. A Wedding photographer carries unmatched expertise in capturing functions and events during a wedding. Hiring a professional photographer for engagement hence becomes all the more vital to not let even a single moment slip away uncaptured. Because your engagement is more than an event and an occasion.

Wondering why should you go for a wedding photographer for your engagement function? Read on.

1- Photography is more than just an expensive camera –“ Can anyone be a writer if he has a pen, or can anyone be an artist if he has a brush? In the same way, having an expensive camera does not make a person a photographer.” A wedding photographer has experience and professional expertise in the field of photography. A professional photographer is a master of his/her equipments. He/she knows how to use light and surroundings, making the most of the different angles of the venue. With the skill to anticipate what is going to happen next in engagement or wedding, wedding photographers make it a point to stay on their toes to capture every single action that takes place. Constantly moving and positioning themselves to capture the perfect shot, this type of dedication that simply can’t be expected from an amateur. Engagement is the start of your life long story which is to be photographed in the best way possible. With an eye for detail, a seasoned wedding photographer captures even the minuscule moments which we tend to overlook, creating a perfect album for the beginning of a beautiful journey.

2- You know your photographer and there’s room for feedback- Engagement shoot allows you to know your photographer better. Seeing their work during smaller functions helps you to understand their style and provide valuable feedback for bigger wedding functions. Constant interaction and meetings with photographer really make a big difference. On your wedding day, you will be more comfortable with a known photographer than a new face whose style of working you are not familiar with.
Interacting with your photographer also helps to understand their equipments better and what more can be done in terms of lighting and setting of venue to get the perfect click. This in turn also enhances their output. After the engagement shoot, you can give feedback to him/his to match your likes and dislikes. “I like the photos in which we both were sitting, can you do more of those during the wedding?” Through feedback, the photographer can carry out his/her work more efficiently to suit your taste and style.

3-Improves coordination between photographers- If you have hired more than one photographer then getting them involved in your engagement shoot is a must. Engagement shoot will help them to coordinate with each other better. After all, wedding pictures are all you’ll have to show after your wedding functions. Besides a careful coordination, they can amplify and divide their work to give you better results on your wedding day. Working as a well-coordinated team can help in clicking more pictures, not missing any angle or moment. Hence you should hire your wedding photographer for your engagement shoot as well.

4- Scouting the location – If the wedding and engagement are going to be held in the same place then the engagement shoot by your own wedding photographer can prove to be invaluable for the wedding. A professional wedding photographer scouts the venue carefully, making a blueprint in their mind. Scouting helps in identifying which angles will be the best to click a picture, what props and corners can be used and more. They anticipate the natural and artificial light conditions and can even recommend some changes in the setting of the venue beforehand for the best photos without causing much trouble. All in all, a professional wedding photographer adds some more ideas for a better photo shoot. A recently married couple says “On the suggestion of photographer, we had a shoot just before the sunset on top of the hill. It proved to be awesome.” An engagement shoot will give your wedding photographer the ample time and space to observe the location and plan his/her work accordingly. He would then give the best results for both the occasions.

5 Pocket-friendly - Many photographers include engagement shoots in the wedding photography package. If not included then you can also negotiate to land up on a lucrative deal. Most wedding photographers are open to striking a good deal with clients for a combined package of engagement and wedding shoot. Surely you will be spending a little bit extra but it is nothing compared with the awesome results you get.

Nowadays more and more people are opting for their wedding photographers for their engagement shoot. Photographers get a better understanding of their client's liking and style while clients get to have an amazing engagement album. Convinced enough to hire a wedding photographer now? We wish you a lifetime of memories from your wedding and a wonderful life ahead.

Author's Bio: 

With a Post Graduate degree in Photography from esteemed Jamia Milia University and an intense passion for photography, Subodh Bajpai has grown into one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow.