When we hear the word Pug, the first thing that comes to our mind is a small little adorable puffball, which we all saw in Vodafone's ads and had an instant smile on our face looking at that cute little creature.

If you’re looking forward to buy or adopt a pug puppy and want to know what an incredibly positive change a mini pug can bring to your life, then this would be a worthwhile read for you.
adopt a pug puppy

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons You Should Adopt A Pug Puppy:

1.Pugs are lovable snugglers - If you want to get a cute little family dog who's very friendly, gentle, and humane with everyone, then a pug would be just perfect for you. They are never aggressive, so they are perfect to have when little children are running around in the house. Moreover, they'll just become best friends. He or she will be your life companion. They are very affectionate and would love to snuggle with you; they thrive on human affection; they love kisses, belly rubs, and petting. Love is all this loving animal wants, and they'll love you forever.

2. They're brilliant - Pug is indeed a brilliant and mindful breed. They're straightforward to train and are a fast learner. Because of this, all the efforts you'll be putting in to make your pug learn new things won't just go waste; instead, they will yield abundantly satisfactory joyful results. Over the top, they have a wonderful personality and a comical appearance, making them a trendy choice as a pet worldwide. Once you've gained their trust, they would always be very loyal to you. They will have a protective nature towards you and will turn into very responsible pets.

3. They are peaceful with other pets - You'll never see a pug fighting, they're welcoming towards other animals, and they don't even bark much. In no time, your new pug puppy will become a best friend with your other pets. All thanks to their friendly nature, which goes a long way. The shape of their mouth restricts them from making an aggressive bite. This factor makes them completely harmless towards your other pets.

4. They are very energetic - If you want a playful dog whos always craving your attention and needs to be loved time by time, a pug is made for you. They're not lazy at all when younger and will always keep you cheered up and entertained. They're playful, and you'll never get bored with one. They'll always follow you everywhere and would be looking for you all the time. They love to play chase with you, your children, and other pets of yours. The game of throwing a small ball which fits into their mouth and catching it afterward seems to be their favorite.

5. They're low maintenance - Being a small lap dog, a pug is a deficient maintenance. The diet isn't that much and they do not occupy a lot of space in your house. It makes them the perfect house pets and would be suitable for you living in apartments. For the same reasons, they don't demand much exercise too; a 15-minute walk would be more than enough to keep them healthy year-round. On days, they might spend 12-14 hours sleep, so if you have to leave you to pug alone at home for some time, you don't have to worry about it; they just are sleeping, but will again burst into activity as soon as they see you come back home to them.

If you're unable to adopt one, go ahead and search for pug puppies for sale under $500 near me. You will easily find the pug you need.

Thank you for reading! I hope the above 5 tips will help you adopt a pug puppy.

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