There are more than 5 reasons to visit Dubai, but in this post, I will talk about the ones I like the most. Have your suitcase and your credit card ready, believe me, you will not be able to resist the desire to know this beauty of the Near East.

If you still do not decide to visit this beautiful travel and glamor destination that is part of the United Arab Emirates, you still do not know the number of tourist sites and luxurious buildings it houses. The 5 reasons I would visit Dubai are the following:

Its architecture: Burj Khalifa

This impressive skyscraper over 800 meters high is the tallest structure built by humans. It has the fastest elevators in the world (64 kph) that go up to the At The Top viewpoint, located on the 124th floor, in just 60 seconds. Once there, you can walk through the terrace with a panoramic view of the city and admire the landscape that draws the urban silhouette of this emirate.

Shopping: Dubai Mall

Located in the Downtown Dubai area, this mall is the largest in the world. It houses in its 500 thousand square meters more than 1,200 stores in general, including designers such as Gucci, Cartier, Bvlgari, among others, and department stores with clothing and accessories of all brands. It also has a luxurious medical center, the SEGA Republic theme park, inspired by this video game, an aquarium with more than 33 thousand species and a hockey rink.

The Adventure: Desert Safari

This activity is a great opportunity to feel in a story by Ali Baba. The safaris are usually done in modern SUVs and the schedules vary: the rides can be morning, evening or night. On the tour, you can admire the beautiful landscape of the red dunes of Al Hibad, ride a camel, drive through the desert, and dine in a traditional camp in the middle of nowhere while enjoying an Arab dance show.

The famous Shawarma

The shawarma is a dish of Lebanese origin whose base ingredients pita bread, lamb, vegetables and tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds. Although it is currently a popular meal in the whole world, I think it is worth the experience of tasting it directly in Dubai, since as I read in blogs of culinary experts, it is the best place to eat this rich dish, the meat macerate it in its juice with Arabic spices so that it is soft and tender.

As a cultural fact, you should know that for religious reasons pork meat is only offered in restaurants and shopping centers where foreign tourists abound. Another curious tip is that most of the desserts in Dubai are made with camel milk, something exotic that will undoubtedly be a new culinary experience.

Dream hotels: Burj Al Arab

If you have enough resources to book a night it is this wonderful hotel, do not think about it. You will live luxury and glamor at its best.

The impressive Burj Al Arab complex is located in the Jumeirah Beach area and at 321 meters high it is currently a symbol of the city: without a doubt a must-stop for tourists who love selfies. If you stay in one of its 202 suites you will enjoy a pillow menu with 17 different options, more than 200 newspapers to choose from and 24-hour butler service, among other luxuries. If you left your tablet or laptop at home do not worry, each suite has a 21-inch iMac® computer and the hotel offers you a 24-karat gold iPad® on loan upon arrival. What sounds tempting?

Dubai is a paradise that is well worth knowing. Whether with a limited budget or a slightly more comfortable one, the trip will be unforgettable. If you have already decided, keep these useful travel tips in mind. If you have decided to visit Dubai, book your complete visit to Dubai on Yourtraveland.

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