CRM is practically the backbone of your business operations. As the world is moving towards the handheld devices, so are the businesses. Therefore, it is imminent that your CRM software is also available for the mobile platform. This change compels you to look for a Mobile CRM for your business.

The seamless availability of the data across your business divisions and the central database is the core function of your SuiteCRM / Sugar CRM. What’s the point of all the scalability if this data is not available on the go? How feasible is it to pull out a Laptop and fetch data? Don’t you believe that you can device a solution that fits in one’s pocket?

SugarCRM Mobile App / SuiteCRM Mobile App enable your employees to access data on the go. Now, if you believe, it would have serious development effort and cost - you are in for a surprise. There are ready solutions available in the market to create a quick suitecrm mobile app / sugarcrm mobile app. However, the cost could not just be the factor.

These are the top 5 reasons you must switch to Mobile CRM for your Business:

1.Information is the Key

If your business operations require your employees to travel often, they require customer details at their fingertips. It could range from product information, support information, the status of the order(s) or service request(s), customer information, and so on. With sugarcrm mobile app / suitecrm mobile app, your teams can access the CRM information even when they are offline.

Your CRM is usually the interface between knowledge base, legacy systems, ERP, database, and emails. In the online mode, you can provide real-time data to your teams on the go. Additionally, you can also provide last synced data in the offline mode. Thus, you would be empowering your global operations with real-time data. As they need, and when they need.

2.No Paper Forms

With the advent of CRM systems, we no longer manage customer data in those rack of files. However, without sugarcrm mobile app / suitecrm mobile app interface, you would still not be using the technology to its fullest. Provide mobile apps to your teams and handheld devices to your employees for data collection.

It could be customer survey, market research, an offline event to meet potential customers, new customer sign-up. For every instance of collecting new customer data, enter the data directly into the CRM system. Why increase operational overheads? Let the customer fill and manage the data on his own.

3.Security and Data Availability

Every now and then, when someone extracts data from the CRM, there is the potential for data theft. Therefore, you must record every instance of data accessed and shared. With standalone CRM systems, you are still vulnerable. As soon as the data leaves the digital footprint, you are in no position to track it further.

However, with sugarcrm mobile app / suitecrm app, you are providing an ecosystem of universal data availability. Due to the app interface and properties attached to each of the app users, your data never leaves the digital space. Hence, more regulated, and controlled data sharing.

4.Reminders and Calendar Features

Migrating to the mobile space has some of its own advantages. Such as Calendar and Reminders. It is surely not impossible to manage that through the standalone CRM. However, it may not always be feasible for all the employees to have the official ID synced to their cell phones. A sugarcrm mobile app / suitecrm mobile app resolves this issue.

A mobile app provides a seamless integration between the mobile calendar. Therefore, all the important meetings and schedules are in sync. And the reminder notifications assist staying in check with the schedules. Additionally, a mobile app can also provide a list of all the reminders and follow-ups.

5.All Activities in One Place

A suitecrm app / sugarcrm mobile app provides a complete package of app-exclusive features. Ranging from the activity logs to analytical charts, customized dashboard, call logs and so on. Such mobile app based features make the navigation through the CRM and accessing-storing the data extremely easy.


Customer Relationship Management is a serious affair. With the latest technological achievements in the space of cloud computing and mobile apps, CRM apps must evolve. Also, how crucial data is for your any business is no secret. Therefore, CRM Mobile App is the future.

For suitecrm mobile app / sugarcrm mobile app, there are numerous extensions available to access your CRM through a mobile app. Most importantly, you must look for options that provide a native iOS and Android app to access your CRM. The user interface, the functionality, and the overall experience depend on this factor.

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Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing software add-on store selling extensions and plugins for various technologies, including Odoo themes and odoo apps Magento 1 extensions and Magento 2 extensions. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of ecommerce technology.