One of the most attractive things about advertising with Twitter is that it's free. Radio, television, and newspapers can get quite expensive and doesn't necessarily hit your targeted demographic. The better advertising can be Twitter.

Below are 5 ways that Twitter is an business advertising dream.

1. Research your market

You can use Twitter to research your market or target audience. Then you can fine-tune your advertising to focus on those in your demographic. Your followers will be those who share a common interest - your business. This helps make your advertising more focused, too, which saves you time and effort.

2. A friendly face

Advertising with Twitter provides some personal contact with customers, and that can make advertising much more effective. Twitter advertising works like a conversation or chat, and casual, familiar language is typical of Twitter. That tends to make people more comfortable with your business and product.

3. Increase traffic

Twitter users claim that traffic to their website has increased tremendously when they share information, links, and other pertinent tidbits. You can send out information that has a link to your website included, and will therefore draw people to your business.

4. Targeted Market

Twitter advertising gives the consumer power over what advertising he or she is exposed to. Businesses have their targeted audience looking for them and interacting. The tweets that are sent are being read by those who are interested in your business. And since you've done your research, this type of targeted advertising can be a real time saver.

5. Be relevant

Twitter means updates in real time - it's about what's happening now. When you advertise through Twitter, and you keep abreast of the latest tweets and such in your demographic, you have the potential to be on the cutting edge of your field. The instantaneous nature of Twitter helps make that possible.

Author's Bio: 

Candy Sugarman is the founder of PlayBig Online Marketing and is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs become more successful with their online advertising efforts.