In the past decade, the shopping experience of the people has changed a lot. Therefore, eCommerce development has gained momentum all over the globe. Eventually, it led to a rise in web development platforms that provided multiple functions.

Magento provides all sorts of eCommerce stores to well established enterprises or start-ups. It has many benefits and to know why you should choose Magento, read further and explore it yourself.

Enable Product Browsing:

Magento allows visitors to browse through the products that are more relevant to them. The visitors can even access these products from the checkout page. This is used mainly in cross-sell goals for making strategic business decisions.

Magento makes product browsing an easy and smooth experience for the visitors. A visitor can see multiple images, zoomed images, product reviews, availability in the stock, and enabled wishlists. It also allows them to share their wishlist and cart with their friends through emails or other social media platforms.

Helps Managing Orders:

Magento reminds the customers to reorder the products by giving them the email notification or print invoices. Magento can store all the data regarding the order placed in just one place.

Customers can also get a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed for new orders which contains a detailed version of the content that the website has ever published.

What if I tell you that Magento also provides personalized offers to the customers depending on their shopping patterns. Old loyal customers also get some benefit on the new orders.

Enable Product Customization:

The craze of customized products is on an all time high. And eCommerce stores are leveraging this popularity by allowing their customers to customize their products the way they want. You can also do the same with help of Web to Print Solutions. For an eCommerce store on Magento, you need to integrate the Magento Web to Print tool. With this, you can enable your customers to customize various products like tshirt, mugs, caps, face masks, hoodies, etc.

Analytics and Reporting:

Magento can provide you with user statistics and order analytics that helps you target your audience better. It can easily be integrated with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer providing you with detailed insights into your customer’s needs.

It is easy to track the trends and strategically plan your business decisions for the future. This is an in-built feature that helps report data. It allows you to add your parameters like total sales, most purchased product, most viewed product, and sales return.

Catalog Browsing and Management:

Magento helps you create a feature rich website that is customized according to your customers. It includes multiple features like layered navigation, product comparisons, recently viewed products, and so on.

It also helps customers search with auto suggested terms and filter the search results based on product tags. It makes it easy to cross-sell and up-sell related items. A person buying a laptop will see a laptop bag, a pen drive, a mouse, or a virus protection software as the suggested items. It also helps with reviews and ratings.

Magento also helps with catalog management to easily verify the products differentiated based on their sizes, color, designs, and features. It even helps with batch import and exporting a catalog and providing you with product updates. It helps you notify tax rates based on different geo locations. It helps divide your customers based on their type or the product price range they have purchased.

It also enables you to approve, delete and modify different product tags. It also enhances the demand for a product by creating low inventory alerts enabling RSS feeds.


Magento is an ideal eCommerce platform for business. It has many advantages apart from these as it helps with customer accounts and services and even simplifies the payment options. It also provides shipping services. It is SEO friendly and provides you international support, increasing marketing strategies along with enhancing the shopping experience.

Magento web to print tool helps you sell your products online innovatively, helping you attain your sales goal using customization. Thus, there are many reasons why you should use Magento to grow your eCommerce business.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head at Brush Your Ideas, a top-notch Web-to-Print technology solution provider that offers Custom Product Design Software as well as Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions. He has been a creative and driving force in the success of our web to print storefront.