The ancient science of yoga is being practiced for its therapeutic, exhilarating, transforming properties since time immemorial. The modern lifestyle has been arduous on the overall health of a person leading to complete brain drain. Owing to the fact that the science of yoga contains restorative goodness, it encourages the mankind to turn towards the safe, cost-effective, humanitarian system of yoga.

Moreover, several yoga aspirants, practitioners take a step forward to enroll for yoga teacher training courses that help them evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. The quality yoga education received leads one to a more energetic, positive, spiritually awake and healthy life. Learn yoga philosophy; undergo hatha yoga training courses 28 days which transforms a being into a proficient yoga teacher enabling them to serve the humanity through the mystical art of yoga. The 200-hour yoga teacher training program gives you the opportunity to kick-start a new, invigorating life.

The importance of an ideal destination in transfiguring an individual cannot be undermined. One cannot fully attain tranquility, spirituality in an urban setting. Therefore, a location that provides a perfect ambiance to imbibe the teachings, complements the practices of a practitioner, encourages them to live a more lively, sound life must be selected. One such place is Rishikesh, perfect for divine yogic teachings.

Learn about the five reasons to take up 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh:

  • Undergo traditional yogic experience: Rishikesh is avowed as yoga capital of the globe. One can easily find abounds of yoga schools providing legitimate teachings of yoga and spirituality in the most traditional way, which is simple yet deep and effective. The authentic teachings help the students gain a wider perspective of yoga and allows them to adopt a pragmatic yogic way of life.
  • Soak yourself in spirituality: With countless temples, ashrams, saints, orange-robed sadhus, holy river Ganga, Rishikesh is one of the most sacred places in India. Spirituality is deeply enrooted in the grounds of Rishikesh. Attending fire blazing artis, listening to melodious hymns, visiting the alluring temples provide you with pure and holistic feel like never before.
  • Land of experienced yoga masters: Rishikesh has been the land of many prominent yoga gurus. The city gives you a lifetime opportunity to learn, understand and practice the science of yoga under their guidance. Evolve as a learned yogi under their supervision. It is an indelible experience for many.
  • Feed the venturesome in you: The seeking souls of thrilling sports end their quest in the lap of Rishikesh. It is among the top ten destinations for adventurous sports. The geographical makeup like the high altitude of Himalayan ranges, dense forests, flowing river and picture-perfect backdrop offers several outdoor activities like bungee jumping, hill climbing, wild forest trekking and white-water river rafting.
  • Learn yoga at best prices: Learn yoga in Rishikesh at best prices. You can easily find several yoga schools providing yoga teacher training scholarships, comprehensive yogic wisdom, Ayurvedic massage, comfortable abode, healthy food at economical prices so that the monetary issues do not restrain you from learning yoga.

These incredible reasons to enroll for 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh are the gateway to a brand new transformation ahead of you.

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Arsha Yoga Dham is a school for people of all age groups can be benefited by physical mental and spiritual health. A home away from home, Swami Atma is a man of wider and clear vision of life. In his recent years he has helped people of all age groups with his medicinal ability and spiritual guidance.