Although change for the sake of change is rarely a smart idea, a well-executed brand refresh could be exactly what you need. Refreshing an entire brand identity should be based on a strategy. Any branding company in Dubai will highlight the five valid reasons why it is important.

Frequently, more than one of them is at work. If you have any of these in your company, you should consider a brand refresh.

What Does ‘Refreshing Your Brand’ Mean?

As your company grows and develops, the brand must evolve to reflect this, so that the current vision and mission of the firm are communicated to your customers. A brand should be adaptable in order to fulfil the ever-changing needs of customers, social and economic development, and other market developments. Consider how Microsoft and Apple have evolved their image through time; while their core beliefs remain constant, the brand must evolve in order to remain a market leader and embrace current trends.

5 Solid Reasons Why Should You Refresh Your Brand

Reason #1: Your Branding Is Dated

The necessity of timelessness in a brand design is always emphasized in the best practices. Your first appearance and feel should never be based on fads or trends that will shortly become out of date. This is why it's critical to find an expert designer you can rely on to assess your brand's graphic appeal and explain the reasoning behind any recommended changes. Consulting with the best corporate branding agency in Dubai will throw some light on this aspect.

A newly refreshed brand will reflect a company's new, modern, and up-to-date image. This is both reassuring to existing customers and appealing to prospective ones. Don't mix up "dated" and "vintage." Vintage is fashionable. Dated isn't. A powerful brand is noticeable and striking. It can help you maintain current customers while also attracting new ones.

If you discover that your branding is out of date, don't assume you need a comprehensive redesign. You might, however, your branding may benefit from a few modifications and modest changes to provide a more modern appeal. If you’re too confused about how to go about modernizing your look, consider getting in touch with a corporate branding agency.

Reason #2: Your Branding is Inconsistent

A haphazard, inconsistent visual identity confuses the people you're attempting to reach with your message. The "look and feel" of your company's design should accurately reflect both the product and the experience you're offering, and it should transition appropriately across numerous media and platforms. Customers will be turned off by the disorganized messages you send if these visual experiences are out of sync.

Inconsistencies in visual branding can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. For example, your company may provide current, cutting-edge products, but your logo appears to have been designed during the Industrial Revolution.

Another key branding mismatch occurs when your print graphics does not translate properly to a digital setting. As digital marketing gains traction, it's vital that your branding looks well on a billboard, a t-shirt, and a mobile device.

For optimal effectiveness, the product, the aesthetic, and the experience must all work in perfect unison. It's a fine line to walk, and the skilled designer will know how to tweak your brand to create an effect across all platforms.

Reason #3: Your Brand Is Evolving

This year has led most businesses to reconsider their sales and marketing strategies. If you've made modifications in reaction to the pandemic's effects, your visuals may benefit from revisions to better explain this evolution to your customers.

For example, if you're transitioning to more digital and virtual services, your branding should reflect that. When you offer something new to clients or take the firm in a new direction, your visual identity must be modified to reflect what you're doing as a company.

As a company expands, it is usual for it to go through multiple iterations. Take, for example, Apple. Apple, which used to sell mainly computers, now sells phones, watches, and music streaming subscriptions. As the company's clientele and demands evolved, so did its appearance. Perhaps your company is changing, and your brand needs to be changed to reflect who you are becoming.

It's also worth considering whether you're making the most of your visual identity. The importance of the "unboxing experience" is another feature of these shifting times. Don't underestimate the value of branded packaging if you're shipping things. You could generate a lot of free exposure from happy customers who record their unpacking experience and share it on social media.

Reason #4: Your Online and Offline Images Don’t Align

With so many organizations dependent on web-based, lead generation, and e-commerce sales, it's no surprise that a digital presence is the first to get a redesign, leaving the print version to reflect antiquated branding. Because print and digital assets are typically supervised by distinct marketing segments, it is simple for them to become fragmented.

Proper alignment of both print and digital marketing strategies is crucial for brand visibility as well as consumer experience. It is, therefore, best that you work with a company that provides services related to branding agency in Dubai.

Reason #5: You’re Not Growing As Much As You Used To

If sales have slowed and lead generation has stalled, it's time to dig deep to uncover the source of the problem. A spark of new energy from a visual refresh is often enough to get customers to take notice. A new design can pave the door for a completely new advertising strategy, offering a brand something to say that isn't gimmicky or overly salesman-like. Similarly, if your market segment has expanded but your market share has not, branding may be the issue.

A completely redesigned logo could be just what's required to draw customers out of the woodwork, revitalize sales, outperform the competition, and instil renewed motivation throughout the company.


Starting a rebranding project can be an exciting time for your company. However, it should not be done without careful thought and planning. Once you've taken the plunge, go all the way in. The most common rebranding mistake is to leave the task half-finished. Believe in the process, and you'll reap these and many other rewards for years to come.

If refreshing a brand seems too overwhelming, consider hiring a corporate branding agency to provide services for branding agency Dubai.

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