People turn to various types of fencing for their swimming pools. While doing so, they consider quite a few factors and that helps them a lot. For instance, they would consider the shape and size of their pools, and the fact whether the pool is at the backyard or in their lawn.  They would consider their budget, and of course, their aesthetic choice.

However, all said and done when it comes to fencing pools, nothing is as effective and as popular as glass fencing. This extraordinary concept of pool-fencing has been there for quite some time, and over the years the concept has scaled new heights in terms of finesse and sophistication, thanks to the contribution of the companies that come up the installation of these astounding glass fences.

Here are 5 top reasons, why frameless or framed glass pool fencing has earned such huge popularity, and companies that offer glass pool fencing installation in Strathfield or other places are so much adored these days. 

They are safe

You are not on the right page if you believe that these fences are not safe, just because they are glass. Every reputed company would come up with toughened glasses as per the Australian Standards (AS1288 – 2006). This makes sure that they do not break so easily. Even if they do, in the event of a rare mishap, the glass will not break but will shatter into small shards, which will pose no threat to the users. Also, they come up with curved lines at the edges, which are bevelled. This also makes sure that they do not pose any danger.

They are aesthetically striking   

If you are planning to ‘childproof’ your pool without really sacrificing its look and feel and the surroundings, glass pool fencing in Arncliffe is the best way to do so.  They will not at all hinter the aesthetics of your pool. On the contrary, they will give it a shot in the arm, adding a new dimension of aesthetic beauty, rather than creating an eyesore. Thus, these products are excellent if you are to add to your real estate value and or to add an extra edge of beauty to your property.  

They can be cleaned and maintained without any hassle 

Roll over other fences, which ask for so much maintenance to remain flawless! It’s time to celebrate the greatness of these glass pool fences. There is no need to paint or repaint them before every summer. Only a piece of rag and a quality glass-cleansing agent from the market will make them look as perfect as they can be.   

Moreover, the fact that they never rust or decay over time makes them even more durable. As already mentioned companies use tempered glassed, which are thick, toughened and generally crack proof. Absence of footholds makes it impossible to scale them, and hence they can keep kids away.

It complements the Surroundings

When they come in the frameless variety, they offer an unobstructed view of the pool and the surroundings. Truly, safety is the principal concern of setting up fences around the pools.  However, it is imperative that the fencing gels seamlessly with the surroundings as well. That is what companies that offer frameless glass balustrades installation in Ryde would look for. They offer the ones that not only add to the safe quotient but also enhance the aesthetic beauty of the place but unmistakably complementing the surroundings.

They add to the uniqueness

Last but not the least, these fences add an extra parameter of uniqueness, which makes all the difference – a fact that is too hard to ignore.

These are only some of the reasons, which make these glass pool-fencing so much adored and sought-after products these days.

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The author owns a company that carries out Frameless Glass Balustrades pool fencing Installation in Ryde, Arncliffe, Strathfield and a few other places. The author is also a regular blogger.