There are many methods to treat chronic prostatitis, but it is difficult for many patients to obtain a satisfactory therapeutic effect. It is generally believed that chronic prostatitis is a stubborn disease that is very difficult to treat.

5 common reasons make chronic prostatitis difficult to get a cure:

1. Complex adjacent relationship. The etiology of prostatitis is not very clear, and more and more scholars accept that adjacent organs may cause some symptoms of chronic prostatitis. In turn, it may also be the reason why it has not been cured for a long time.

The prostate is an essential organ in the male reproductive system, and many adjacent organs surround it. Chronic prostatitis is often cured for a long time. The structure and function of its adjacent tissues and organs are bound to be affected, often combined with chronic seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis and urethritis. In this case, people can select the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate inflammation in the prostate, epididymis, seminal vesicle, and the entire urinary tract and reproductive system. It adheres to the characteristics of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and its effect is working on the whole tissue system.

2. Histological changes caused by prostatitis. Long-term untreated chronic prostatitis will cause the pathogen to propagate and spread in the local area and cause vascular occlusion in the gland. Moreover, the fibrosis and scar formation of the gland substance and the hardening of the gland rhombic make it difficult for drug treatment to reach an effective prostate concentration.

3. The etiology of prostatitis is complex and diverse. Therefore, the effect of antibiotics on chronic prostatitis is not satisfactory. It is not only because antibiotics are difficult to penetrate the prostate's lipid envelope, but also because of the complex etiology of chronic prostatitis.

4. The persistence of bad living habits. Many factors, such as not paying attention to hygiene, often having unclean sexual life history or promiscuous behavior, frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation, excessive drinking or eating a large amount of stimulating food, long-distance cycling or sitting, and local inattention to keep warm and so on, are the important reasons that cause chronic prostatitis and lead to chronic prostatitis. Moreover, these bad habits may still exist after the illness and during the treatment.

5. Mental and psychological factors are abnormal. The coping style also plays a vital role in the prognosis of patients with chronic prostatitis. Patients' physical and mental symptoms with negative coping styles are significantly more severe than those with positive coping styles. And the patients with a negative coping style are more inclined to introversion, neuroticism, and instability in personality. An unhealthy coping style is also one of the causes of treatment failure, which could significantly affect patients' physical and mental health and prognosis.

Patients with chronic prostatitis, especially those who have not been cured for a long time, often have changes in personality characteristics, which are manifested in apparent abnormal coping styles. They can have insomnia: forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, and even have negative coping attitudes such as wishful thinking and pessimism, and disappointment. Sometimes the confusion in this respect even exceeds the pain of the disease itself, so they seek medical treatment everywhere. It has become one of the essential reasons for chronic prostatitis.

Therefore, patients need to be fully aware of these factors that are unfavorable to them. The ultimate victims of the disease are, after all, your own. Patients should arm themselves with a lot of knowledge of prostatitis. With doctors' help, they should actively ask for the cause of disease, make necessary examinations, and scientifically explain the results. If necessary, they can prescribe some therapeutic drugs to treat the condition thoroughly.

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