Our teeth are made up of one of the hardest substances found in the body- The enamel. It is stronger than any other bone in the body.

Did you know that our teeth exert a pressure of 200 pounds when we bite down? This pressure is what makes our food mushy enough to gulp down.

However, though our teeth are remarkably durable, they are prone to damage caused due to corrosion. Our teeth come in contact with substances that are corrosive and cause damage to the protective enamel. Foods with high sugar content or that which are extremely acidic cause tooth decay. Decay in the tooth is the most significant sign of poor oral health.

When it comes to oral health, we often ignore the basic facts. Just brushing, flossing, and gargling isn't enough for good oral health. While these are necessary, there is undoubtedly more to maintaining your oral health than you think.

Recent studies found that poor posture has a significant effect on our oral health. Does this come as a surprise for you? Well, you will find it shocking to know that your daily slouching may be one of the reasons for your oral problems.

But what does your posture has to do with your oral health? If you are pondering over this, read on to know how exactly both of these are connected.

Here are 5 powerful reasons how bad posture affects your oral health in general-

1) Bad posture has a profound effect on your jaw placement-

Slouching positions lowers jaw in a manner that puts pressure on our spine. It pushes the skull backward, compressing the spine. In the long run, this has a severe effect on the jaws. It leads to a misaligned bite, along with causing inflammation of the muscles around the jaws. It also leads to a condition called bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, which can be quite painful.

2) Bad posture can lead to chronic facial pain, jaw pain, and chronic headaches-
The misalignment of the jaws caused by bad posture invariably leads to several problems such as chronic facial pain and jaw pain. The teeth clenching and bad bite that comes along with it also causes pain in the facial muscles located around the jaws. The inflammation of these muscles directly causes jaw pain and can be the reason for chronic headaches. If you frequently suffer from headaches and cannot find an idea, it may be due to your incorrect posture.

3) It is the leading cause of Temporomandibular joint disorder (TJD)-
Bad posture or slouching forward over time, give rise to Temporomandibular joint disorder. It is a condition that leads to misalignment of the upper and the lower jaw, which prevents it from functioning together correctly. When you slouch, your lower jaw shifts forward. It may give you a bad bite, a clicking sound when you yawn or even pain while chewing. TJD can also give you the feeling of tenderness in the muscles of your jaw and face. If left untreated, you may find it difficult to chew, eat, or even sleep. Progression in TJD can also give you a ring in the ears. In some instances, it causes sinus congestion as well.

4) The head forward posture makes our teeth more susceptible to tooth decay-

The head forward posture, also known as the Texting posture. In this position, you tend to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose. This may dry up the saliva in the mouth and can leave your teeth susceptible to tooth decay. The saliva in the mouth forms a protective layer against bacteria. When it dries, it leaves our teeth open to bacterial infections and decay. Breathing through the mouth can also lead to sleep apnea and receding gums.

5) Bad posture can lead to misaligned teeth-

Bad posture can lead us to breathe through our mouths. Over time, this habit is responsible for misaligned teeth and gingivitis. You may suffer from overbite or underbite, making it difficult for you to chew properly. Not eating your food can give rise to several digestive health issues.

You didn't think that your slouching would give rise to so many problems, did you? But now that you are aware of the wide array of the issues that your bad posture can cause, it is time to get things straight, and we mean literally!!!

If you have been suffering from several oral issues, it may be due to all that is slouching in front of your laptop or being engrossed in your phone for several hours.

Here are some ways in which you can correct your posture and get rid of most of your dental problems. Easy isn't it? Just follow through.

Make a conscious effort to keep your back straight and aligned with your shoulders while sitting. On the bright side, this posture will make you look confident and tall. It may be difficult initially, but worth at the end.

Avoid using your electronic devices for an extended period. Your countless hours on social media may be messing with your health. Just limit your usage of these. You can give yourself short breaks at regular intervals if your work requires you to sit in front of a monitor for longer periods.

Regular walking with your head held up will help you improve your posture. Besides, it will also help you stay healthy. This is one more reason for you to get your walking shoes out and conquer the world!!

You can use posture correcting devices if you are having problems with maintaining a good posture. For the image-conscious, these devices are not as bulky as they used to be. So you can easily camouflage them under your clothes. If you ever feel discouraged, just remember the many health benefits you will receive for correcting your posture.

Lastly, you need to pay regular visits to your dentist. You can resolve a lot of dental issues with timely intervention. Dentists nowadays use sedation dentistry methods to ensure you have a pain free dentist experience. So you no longer have to fear that dreaded appointment with your doctor.


Correcting your posture and following a healthy diet and lifestyle will certainly keep you away from oral issues. Moreover, have you ever come across models with bad teeth? No, right? That because of the correct posture they maintain!! So, in conclusion, holding your head high has several benefits, one of them being good oral health. After all, a set of healthy pearly whites will only add to your charm and make you look attractive. So go ahead, hold your head high and smile your way to good oral health!!

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