Ask any Thai food lover and they would agree that fried rice made in the Thai style is one of the best dishes anyone can eat. You can add any curries of your choice and can watch it give you that perfect meal each time. 

While different people have a different outlook towards cooking fried rice, some people prefer restaurant-style fried rice with the veggies and herbs that go into a perfect outcome. While Thai food restaurant in Mornington does help you with the best of foods, here is a quick guide to help you whip up your favourite Thai fried rice just like they do at the restaurants. 

Use leftover rice 

Leftover rice often loses out its moisture, and that makes it the perfect ingredient to prepare fried rice. It is easy to stir, and the ingredients mix very well. Make use of vegetables and other ingredients of your choice and watch the rice come out to be perfect as that of what they serve at the Uthong Thai Restaurant. If you do not have leftover rice, prepare rice using less water to keep the rice stiff. It will work wonders too. 

Always fluff the rice

Fluffing means to separate each grain after the rice is cooked. Rice shouldn’t be sticking to each other when you are preparing fried rice. The outcome will be lumpy and soggy as there is moisture in the lumps that aren’t being able to escape. The sauce and other ingredients do not mix well, and that results in bad taste. Whenever you cook the rice, remember to fluff it well. When you are preparing the final dish in the wok, remember to stir it continuously. It prevents clumping. 

Be considerate with the sauce

Even though sauce gives that added flavour to the fried rice that you prepare, avoid putting in too much of it thinking it to make it spicy. Unfortunately, it will add moisture to the rice while making it difficult for you to maintain the perfect balance where the rice doesn’t stick to each other. If you think you need to add a bit more of sauce to it, try doing it once it is on the plate and not in the wok. 

Chop the veggies into small pieces 

If the veggies or meat that you add to the fried rice is too big, there will likely be confusion. Therefore, allow it to be bite-sized. It will blend well with the rice grains and make it a perfect dish to savour. It will also be easy for the vegetables to cook evenly and not stay raw and crunchy. 

Balance the ingredients well

If you are planning to eat fried rice with another curry, ensure that the vegetables are less in amount. If you intend to make it a dish in itself with nothing to compliment it, allow the vegetables to be more in amount. This balance gives you the perfect taste and even texture to the food.  

Author's Bio: 

The author has had close associations with those helping out a Thai food restaurant in Mornington and writs this article to help people whip up the perfect Thai fried rice just as the way they do in Uthong Thai Restaurant.