It might be tempting to choose the first commercial roofing contractor you come across when you need a roof repair or a roof replacement. After all, you only want to get your project started as soon as possible! Wrong.

Remind how critical your roofing system is for the security of your home. Besides, installing a new roof is a significant investment that you must take care of.

Therefore, it is critical to select the correct contractor for the job at hand. An experienced, knowledgeable, and well-known commercial roofing contractor is the best choice for your home and business.

In this sense, the Republic Roofing & Restoration team compiled for you a list of five questions to ask prospective commercial roofing contractors.
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1.Are you licensed, bonded, insured, and are you certified by shingle manufacturers?

Before even considering talking to a prospective commercial roofing contractor, make sure to verify their licensing, bonding, and insurance. Also, check if it has certifications with shingle manufacturers.

Do not do business with a commercial roofing contractor if they tell you that they do not meet any of these legal requisites. On the other hand, ask for proof of all three requisites if the contractor answers that he meets them.

You may question what these three words signify. So, we will explain it to you right now.

Licensed –

Commercial roofing contractors must be registered with the state board of licensing contractors. By meeting this obligation, they can run their company and carry out projects lawfully.

Bonded –

If the contractor is licensed and bonded, you can be sure that they are acting in the best interest of their clients. The roofing company must get a bond to guarantee that the job is completed or rectified if your contractor’s business fails or there is an issue with their workmanship.

Insured –

All commercial roofing contractors must have proper insurance for general liability and workers' compensation. This insurance will enable them to protect your home and their staff from any potential liabilities in case of accidents.

It may not be legally enforceable, but accreditation from shingles manufacturers is an honor for any roofing contractor. So, you should seek out these accreditation on your contractor.

The leading shingle manufacturers pick the best contractors in a region to undergo a certification process. Why is this important for you? Well, those contractors that pass this process can offer better and more improved warranties on products.

Moreover, certified commercial roofing contractors have proven to be reliable and well-respected members of their communities and the industry.

2.Is your business local? How long have you been in business?

The desire to support up-and-comers business in the roofing industry is admirable. However, you must be prudent while doing so. Our sector has a problem with “fly-by-night” roofers and “storm chasers”. After all, not all commercial roofing companies are credible.

After heavy storms, fly-by-night roofers set up business in the affected region and take advantage of the situation. Of course, insurers, bonded and regulated companies do not cover them.

How do they act? Usually, they will prey on unwary property managers by knocking on their front doors. Then, they promise to perform their work for far less than professional commercial roofing contractors in Memphis TN would.

Frequently, non-locals roofers pose as business owners and do not reveal that they are not bonded or insured. Thus, asking if a commercial roofing contractor is reliable and local is essential.

3.Can you provide three references from similar jobs completed recently?

A solid roof is essential to protecting your employees, renters, or customers from inclement weather. Hence, you would not allow anybody to work on a critical project as your roof repair or installation.

Not at all! So, you need to thoroughly vet any commercial roofing contractor you are contemplating before you choose them. Also, you should ask for at least three references you can talk to personally. Remember to include in your request to speak with other commercial property owners or managers that have requested comparable services.

4.What kind of workmanship warranty do you offer?

Ask your commercial roofing contractor about the warranties they give for their labor. In contrast to a manufacturer's materials warranty, a workmanship warranty protects against human mistakes or bad craftsmanship.

Sorry to say, no one is flawless. Actually, even the most reputable commercial roofing contractor in the United States can eventually make mistakes. They, too, have their share of blunders and missteps. Certainly, you may avoid most mistakes by hiring experts. However, mistakes nonetheless occur!

5.What steps will you take to protect my property?

Property damage can occur when you have repairs done on your roof. This includes landscaping, walls, light fixtures, and more. Hence, before hiring a roofing contractor in Germantown TN, you should inquire about their procedures for protecting your assets.

To minimize the risk of any damage, a qualified commercial roofing contractor employs a variety of procedures. Life, of course, isn't free of danger! As a result, it is important to ask about the contract's conditions to ensure that you and your property are protected in the event of an accident.

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