Many bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations, so it makes sense to utilize this opportunity to the fullest to ensure you find the right lawyer for your case.
You must be prepared with your questions thoroughly. Here is a list of possible questions you may consider to help evaluate the attorney:
Do you specialize in bankruptcy?
The laws about Bankruptcy are quite complicated. So, it is important to make sure you are working with an attorney who is well-versed with the bankruptcy laws and has thorough knowledge about the minute details and how it may impact you in the long run.
You may want to avoid working with an attorney who has no relevant experience.
How many bankruptcy cases do you file each year?
It is good to work with an attorney who has vast experience in Bankruptcy. It is suggested to work with a lawyer who handles 2-5 cases every month or roughly 50 cases per year.
Who is going to be handling your case?
Being paralegal by your side isn’t recommended when you file for bankruptcy with an attorney. Already there is so much at stake your lawyers must know about your financial situation thoroughly. If you won’t be meeting with your attorney until you meet with the financial creditors, it is advisable to look for the attorney.
What is your fee structure?
Full payment may be required in some cases before filing for bankruptcy. Although some lawyers will be willing to work out the payment structure beforehand.
What’s included in your fees?
In general attorney fees cover:
• Determining if you qualify for bankruptcy
• Putting together your bankruptcy petition
• Representing at the creditors meeting
• Filing necessary documents

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