In life, not all problems knock at your door before coming. And that can catch you on the wrong foot. This is likely to cause problems in your life. So, how can you be ready for the problems of your life in advance?

Only an astrologer can help you in this regard. She can help you identify the possible problems in your life and find the perfect remedies for the possible issues. However, it’s not easy to find the right kind of astrologer for your life. So, you must check out the qualities when you’re going for an astrologer’s advice. And you should go for the specialists as well. For example, if you want advice for marriage in Delhi, go for a Marriage Astrologer in Delhi who can help you with the relationship issues.

Here’s a quick look at some of the major qualities that any astrologer must possess.

Control over Her Senses

Astrology is an art that depends a lot on the senses of the astrologer. When the astrologer wants to predict the future or tries to tell remedies to her client to make his future better, she has to depend a lot on the senses. And to do it perfectly, the astrologer must have enough control over all her senses. It helps her to understand what the signals are regarding the fate of a client.

Scientific Bent of Mind

Astrology is often regarded by many as an occult subject, which has no base in reality. However, that’s not true. In fact, it is a study based completely on science. Hence, it’s extremely important for the astrologer to have a scientific bent of mind and understand the nuances of astrology.

Adept at Prediction

Astrology is a lot about prediction. While the astrologer must have the power to analyse the past, she should also be able to find out the future from it. And prediction plays a role in this process. So, it’s extremely important that the astrologer is adept in predicting the future from the information she acquires from you.

Excellent Skills in Mathematics

Mathematics plays an important role in the calculation of the future. As the predictions in astrology involves finding out the track movement of the planets and stars in the solar system, the astrologers need to do that calculation with mathematics. Hence, it’s important for the astrologers to have an advanced knowledge of mathematics and be extremely skilful in the process of calculation to find out the exact location of the stars and analyse them to know the future correctly.

Excellent Listening and Communication Skills

When you’re seeking advices of an astrologer, she has to know what problems you are facing and what type of remedies you’re looking for. To understand all of these, she must listen to you properly and understand your requirements. Only then, she can predict the future correctly for you. And once she predicts the future, she must tell you the remedies to make it better. For that, she must communicate the remedies to you. Hence, it’s extremely important for an astrologer to have good communication skills as well.


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Astrologer Abha Jain (Founder of Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer) is a famous Astrologer,Palmist, Numerologist, Gemologist and Vastu Consultant from New Delhi. Since her childhood, astrology & vastu remained her passion and she has been doing research in this field for more than fifteen years. She believes, astrology is a science and she mastered this knowledge through her practice. She is based in Mayur Vihar Extension, New Delhi and providing her services from here.