Everyone takes care of their hair and face and use special treatment and go to the salons. You may also be taking good care of your physical health by hitting the gyms and yoga classes. But what about your foot? Did you know that they are the most ignored part of the human body? Your foot bears the weight of your body but hardly gets anything in return. Even though foot injuries are not uncommon, it is still the ignored portion of your system. But, what happens when your foot is injured or has any other issue? Which doctor do you visit? A foot injury could get very uncomfortable, especially if your routine involved stepping out of the house and working on the field. But no matter what your field, nobody likes to have an injury that involves the foot. So, then which doctor do you consult in such a case? No not a general physician or an orthopedic surgeon, you need a podiatrist. A podiatrist is someone who specializes in foot injuries and diseases. If you have a foot condition, it’s best to consult a specialist. A podiatrist has a medical degree and is also a doctor, but he specializes in foot. So whether you have recently suffered an injury or have a condition that won’t get any better, make an appointment with a podiatrist right away. But, before you find one, read some good qualities of a podiatrist.


You don’t want to wait for one week to consult a doctor. It could get very frustrating and annoying to make an appointment and then get disappointed because a podiatrist only works on Fridays. So, look for someone who is available according to your timings. When you consult the best podiatrist in Houston, he will make sure that his timings are flexible so it can match yours. Also, check for doctors that provide emergency care and can attend you immediately. Avoid visiting a general physician even if he is available at your timings. You need special care for your foot, and there’s nothing like a qualified podiatrist to treat your foot. 


The medical field is evolving rapidly. A podiatrist should have years of experience in this field and also update his knowledge regularly and stay updated with the new technology. When you visit a podiatrist, they will attend to all your problems with confidence, and only an experienced doctor can do so. He will treat your foot condition with the latest treatment. He should have studied from a reputable college and should have enough testimonials from his patients. You can check on the website for any testimonials or talk to your friends and family if anyone has visited a podiatrist before. If you want to get more information about a specific podiatrist, check for online reviews and try to contact them if possible. This will only give you more information and credibility about the doctor. Not everyone is familiar with a podiatrist, so it is necessary that you gather relevant information about the doctor before you make the visit. 

3.Interpersonal Skills

Apart from education, certificates, licenses and experience, a good podiatrist should have impeccable interpersonal skills. A good podiatrist should be able to listen to your problems without interruptions. He should have the skills to put your health in priority. He should be able to ask relevant and clear questions as well as answer yours. A good podiatrist should not be mechanical and be able to invest in you emotionally as well. No matter how busy a doctor is, when he meets you, he should only focus on you. A good podiatrist should not let one case affect the rest of the patients. 


A good podiatrist should be patient and compassionate towards you. He should be able to deliver his work with passion and not just for the sake of money. A podiatrist listens to his patients carefully and then provides a solution. If any client is unfamiliar with the procedure, the doctor should be able to guide them through the same. When dealing with kids and elderly patients, a podiatrist should pay utmost attention and be very patient with them. These are the most important qualities of a podiatrist, and you should visit one who is truly compassionate towards its patients. 

5.Has a Welcoming Support Staff

A podiatrist does not function on his own. He needs a team of supporting staff to help him with the patients. The staff should be warm and welcoming and be able to make you super comfortable. If you are facing a problem with the appointment time, the staff should be able to adjust accordingly. They should not be rude or unkind to you ever. They should also have a basic knowledge of feet and its related injuries. 

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