An effective banner ad should drive customers to your site, improve your brand awareness and help your business beat competition online. However, there are no concrete rules on what makes a banner good. There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of a banner ad. But there are a few qualities that make a banner ad more effective. To help you learn how to make a banner ad effective, continue reading.

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1. The banner ad should be attractive

Most people online will click or view visually appealing ads. Therefore, your ad maker should know your target audience and come up with an attractive banner ad that will catch the attention and curiosity of the visitor. Therefore, have well-designed banner with quality graphics and text that are not only legible and clear, but also very attractive.

2. Use animated ads instead of static ones

Static ad is a simple image with text and some images. On the other hand, animated banner ads may have a unique animation video, images and text which can be in several slides. Many people like video ads and having an animated banner ad will help you attract those people that like video ads as well as text. Therefore, be smart by creating animated banner ads that not only look great, but also funny.

3. Advertise a particular product/service in a banner

Many people make mistakes of advertising their site always on the banner ads. However, that is not an effective way of marketing your products or services. Therefore, when making your next animated banner ads, advertise a product or service. This will catch the eye of a visitor looking for the product or service. As a result, you banner will have done the work effectively.

4. The banner ad should be responsive

One thing you need to know is that you are making the ads to reach your ideal customers online. Therefore, the banner ads you make should be displayed and animated on any mobile device or browser. In addition to that, the ads should not take too long to load. Therefore, use the right animated banner maker to make sure your banner ads are well-designed, responsive and most importantly, engaging.

5. Simple messages will make a big difference

Don’t make your banner ads too complicated by using complicated words and messages. For best performance, the ads should have simple messages. Most people don’t have much time to read everything on online ads they are not interested in, unless they are simple, exciting and direct to the point.

Final Words

Making banner ads that are effective is not that easy. Sometimes it’s a trial and error process until you make a banner ad that drive customers to your site. But with the tips above, you have an idea of what a good banner ad is. But you don’t have to worry about all that as BannerBoo is here to help you create effective banner ads for your business. As the best animated banner maker, BannerBoo will help you make top-level banner ads that will take your business to a whole new level.

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