Writing pitch articles and sending it to all your audiences is beneficial for every company and is a part of PR life. Pitch articles writing is an art which must be picked up to enhance your relations with your fellow partners. A good pitch articles must be able to hit the target and must affect.

When you send someone a pitch articles you must be aware of their interest so that you are easily available to get their attention rather than sending a normal article which they may consider as spam and delete it. There are plenty of things that you must keep in mind while writing a pitch article. Here, in this article, we have jotted down 5 important tips to help you write a good public relations pitch article that attracts the attention of people immediately.

1.Know your target: It is very important that you completely know about the target whom you’re pitching. Knowing the target helps you create a pitch that will surely attract their attention. You must do some research before rather than blindly sending pitch in bulk in order to evade from your work out of your laziness. You can go through the websites of your target and comprehend what they seek and what kind of works they perform.

2.Be different: It is an another essentiality that you remain distinct from the normal lazy person or PRs in sending the pitches. You must never send the same pitches to all your clients by merely Copy, Paste, Edit, Send process. They can easily smell the odour of this weak task and thereby easily consider you as spam. Try to write a unique pitch for every target and thus gain their attention.

3.Be descriptive and highlight the main points: when you send a pitch to a recipient, what gains their attention is the main points and the value you'll be providing to them. They must be able to find these perks at a cursory glance for which you must highlight those points so that it becomes easy for them to understand their benefits which might be alluring and gains you a reply back immediately.

4.Avoid the clichés: Apart from being a distinct and attractive with your words and vocabulary you must also keep in mind that the templates that you’re must be different from the ones being regularly over used by the PRs around your circle. Being different and yet elegant in your approach surely hits the target in the bulls eye and therefore gaining support for your own company. To stand out of the crowd, do some research which will help you find the proper templates. Do not use the templates that comes pre loaded with any software as it is already being used by a lot of lazy peoples. You can even download good templates from the internet and then customize to give it a enticing look.

5.Write Small pitches and stick to the point: This is the most important part of writing any pitch. When you write a long pitch with a lot of irrelevant things, it immediately becomes boring and despite all your efforts, this might just seem a garbage to the recipient. So, try not to deviate from the main point and cover everything in a very short write up. Let your motives be pellucid through the article comprising every value and perks you’ll be providing to them.

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Robert Alleson