Are you satisfied with yourself? As the person you are right now, do you think you have reached the point where you are living your life to the fullest? Are you tapping on your highest potential right now and can see success right in front of you? If yes, then you are very lucky. If no, then you might need to adjust a little.

Unlocking your highest potential and living your life towards success seems impossible at the time. But the truth is¬: Success is within your grasp. It is available and possible to every person at any moment. Right now, you can either sulk and be a non believer or decide to tap into your highest potential and become a student of success.
If you want to start a journey where anything you want is possible, then you need to learn a few principles in life.

1. Evolution is painful
Evolving is a painful process. This is why most people are afraid to do it. Becoming a better version of yourself needs study, humility, energy and time. It means to be a child again, a young student in constant need to be taught all over again.

Evolution means constantly admitting that you do not know. In this life, there is so much knowledge and things that you do not know. It will be revealed to you over the course of self-discovery and studies. So, you need to be open to teaching and correction.

Learn to choose growth over pride. You do not need to be ashamed of something you did not know, instead use your ignorance to become a better you and learn. Choose to listen to criticism and harsh corrections and once you do, you will become an unstoppable force.

2. Comfort Contradicts Growth
Comfort means safety. It is feeling good, pleasure, protection, and stability. Growth, on the other hand, is learning. It requires failing, resisting, creating, doing and working. Personal growth will not happen if you choose comfort over learning. Like evolution, growth is inside the circle of discomfort and pain.

You cannot grow without learning the hard way. You cannot expect to reach your highest potential without learning. And that is why Growth and comfort cannot co-exist. You cannot simply take the easy path over the challenging path and expect success to welcome you with open arms.

3. Patience is a virtue
We always hear these words. And at times, we simply forget its meaning. Before you even see your highest potential, you need to start from the bottom. Slowly climbing to the top and gradually honing your skills. If you lack the patience to do it, you might get stuck to where you are now and may not reach success. So, be patient all the time. Think of it as a common process you need to undergo in order to be refined and successful in life.

4. Willpower is just a word
Many people are just terrible at achieving their life goals. In fact, just a few weeks of January, there are 92% of people who already gave up on their New Year’s Resolution. Let’s say, for example, overweight people declared that they want to be fit, however, they continue with their unhealthy habits.
The reason why most people cannot achieve their goals is that they mostly rely on their willpower.
Here is a secret:
Willpower is just a word of encouragement but it does not work. Commitment does!
Willpower is like a finite source of energy. It gets depleted with continuous use. And as it goes away, you won’t stand a chance against everything you tried so hard to avoid.
Commitment is different. It goes beyond and above your stamina, energy, and even how you feel. If you have a true commitment to something, then in your mind, you already succeeded— all disbelief and doubt are gone!
5. Gratitude for each day
While most people focus on other principles in life to reach their highest potential and achieve success, gratitude is one principle that an individual should never forget. It is the feeling of being thankful for your every breath and every day of life. It teaches us humility and mindfulness. And as you open your heart to gratitude, you open yourself to another step closer to your potential.

Unlocking your highest potential is not that simple. It requires personal development where you become a humble learner and an open-minded individual than ever before. Individual growth is something unique to everyone; it’s the hunger for this development that fuels our passion or goals to strive for the best we can potentially achieve.
However, if you do master these principles, you will become unstoppable and be able to live your life to the highest peak!

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Author Bio: Charles Goodwin is the writer of this article, He loves to write about motivational topics.He also works for offering personality development programmes.