When businesses plan to outgrow their current facility and need to build a new building or renovate the existing one, the thought of the building process is daunting. Many business owners may have never dealt with commercial construction before and have never vented into commercial construction companies before. Maybe they lack time and resources to check every aspect of the project and keep everything in check. It becomes difficult for such people to ensure the quality, and every step of the project is in check and keep the project financially solvent.

As in the case of building large buildings leaving the project going on its own is not an option. So, it is better to go for professional services that can help you in every known step and may guide you in many unknown scenarios as well. This needs you to find a pre-construction service manager that can help the process of your very own unique industry needs.

What Are Pre-construction Services?

There is a need for extensive planning to take place before the actual construction of a commercial facility. The pre-construction service providers offer the first step services in planning the project and provide details on everything from design, scope, current site condition analysis, and everything included.

A good pre-construction manager will provide the owner with a detailed guideline of what to expect and when. The complete roadmap of the project offered by the pre-construction consultants can make the project done with the least amount of problems and mishaps. You might be thinking about what services are included in pre-construction consultancy. Here is the list of basic services provided by the pre-construction consultant.

Existing Condition Analysis

Not all structures are built up from the ground. Some owners may want a renovation or construction of new parts on an existing structure. In these conditions, the pre-existing condition of the structure can affect the design and structural integrity of the new building.

The pre-construction manager helps you in deciding whether a complete replacement or major renovation or minor renovation is needed. If renovations are needed, then the complete analysis of load calculations, material strength, piping, roof junctures, and host to other building systems must be integrated seamlessly.

A thorough analysis provides a complete bid package to avoid any costly surprise, once the construction or demolition of the structure is started.

Constructability Analysis And Review

The design phase of the construction project is one of the most exciting times but without proper oversight on the process, there could be potential design flaws that can go unnoticed. What looks good on a computer screen or on paper does not always translate to the construction of a practical structure.

Pre-construction consultants will provide timely input about potential constructability problems in the design. This will enable you to shy away from potential cost overruns and project delays.

Cost Estimating And Control

Determining the cost for the construction of a commercial structure is no small feat and requires estimations from experts. These estimations include the assessment of every aspect including the cost of labor, subcontractors, materials, permits, and more.

From all these assessments the consultants provide an estimate of what it will take to complete the project in time according to all the required specifications.

Scheduling Logistics And Phasing

Creating and coordinating a construction schedule involves tons of logistical considerations and moving parts. Bid releases, estimating, meetings, permitting, delivery, subcontractors, regulation, storage, inspection, and a host of other elements need to be accounted for.

An experienced construction company can utilize their expertise and put together more accurate milestones to combine and integrate all the steps of the project. Resulting in more accomplishable milestones for each phase of the project.

Bid Packaging

Multiple vendors and subcontractors may be required to work on your project and it is essential for them to have proper guidelines about the requirements to properly submit their bids. As part of the pre-construction planning process, the documents are prepared and packed together that determine the scope of the work required.

These documents provide enough details and information for any contractor to confidently submit their relevant bid without estimating and assuming any requirement. The main construction manager will review the documents and provide a summation to the owner before procuring the subcontractors or vendors.

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The article explains the top 5 services provided by the pre-construction service providers to help the smooth running of your construction project.