Once you’ve decided to Be the Change in your life, you no longer will be satisfied with not changing. One of the best ways to change is to experiment with new things, new ideas, new habits, new ways, new friends, new job, etc. Think about how good you feel when you wear new clothing. Your whole life should be that enjoyable.

Here are some practical rules for experimentation – doing the doing – becoming the proof you seek through the results you make happen.

1. Commit to Doing the Doing. If you promise yourself that you will, then follow through on your own promise and do it. Change cannot happen without commitment. Once you have decided to make the commitment, you’ll slide right into a habit of looking for change and you will slide right out of the habit of remaining the same. Experimentation is the driving source of innovation. Would you like to be the innovator or creator of a new life for you? Would you like to experiment with becoming more happy, more healthy or more wealthy? Experimentation is how scientists discover new “stuff.” Why not use their Scientific Method ourselves?

2. Make a Plan. Write it down. Only write the plan for one day. After you’ve mastered a day, then do a week. Then do a month’s plan. Writing it down is a form of commitment. Once you are habitually planning, allow yourself a few day’s retreat from your normal workaday world and go off to create a Master Plan – one that embodies your Big Dream. The Big Dream that you’ve been pushing on the back burner. Bring it forward and write down the details of it in living color. Remember, you’ve decided to Be the Change so why not implement that Master Plan?

3. Get Someone to Support You. You don’t have to accomplish these changes alone. This is the work of a Change Coach. Or, you could get a friend who has the same ideals as you do. Note: don’t let their lack of performance weaken your resolve though. You’ll want to pick a friend who has the same level of gumption and accomplishment as you do. The internet has many communities sorted by age or interest. Find one that works for you and get in there and permit yourself to be know.

4. Re-Assess frequently. I knew of a company in California that reviewed and revised their Business Plan twice a year. They were a highly successful company. We could follow their example. Are you staying on track? What keeps you from taking the steps you created yourself? Can you get past the blockages? Could you reach further? If not, why not? Write down a new plan.

5. Re-Commit and begin the Doing again. Frequently, it’s wise to pause in our lives and take inventory of where we are. Have an Applaud Yourself Celebration about all that you’ve accomplished to date. The conscious recognition of our accomplishments is a wonderful way to remain committed and give ourselves a fresh start. Recommitment and renewal go hand in hand.

When you’ve decided in your life to Be the Change, you’ll become an experimenter. It takes courage to experiment. It takes persistence to follow through with completing the experiment. It takes wisdom for choosing the steps you want to commit to, and it takes self love to give your self the give of Being the Change you want to see in you life.

Author's Bio: 

Maria Khalifé helps others to live a masterful life led by her own example and accomplishments. She created The Change Coaching Institute for those who wish to accelerate their growth on The Path, or to foster a new career for themselves by becoming a Change Coach, learn universal, spiritual principles to reach potential through a true dynamic, authentic self. http://www.changecoachinginstitute.com