The New Age marketplace includes many honorable individuals sincerely striving to offer genuine self-help and spiritual methods to help others and make this world a better place.

However, it also includes its share of scam artists. Unfortunately, much of the metaphysical market is rooted in escapism because it sells much better than the truth. While many people may prefer escapism and poetry instead of honesty, the truth ultimately prevails.

Our philosophies are based on our long-term empirical-based findings. Our intent is to save you enormous amounts of time and inconvenience so that you avoid making the same mistakes we made on our journey.

Below we expose five New Age myths to help you navigate your spiritual path.

1. ”Your karma can be erased without having to balance it directly.” Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to atone for your past actions? Alas, karma cannot be erased, just like you can’t magically erase a hangover or the consequences of a junk food diet.

Go easy on yourself because part of the experience of being incarnated is making mistakes so you learn and avoid bigger ones. Nobody is perfect, but everyone must take responsibility for all his or her actions because nobody gets a get-out-of-jail free card after incurring karma, no matter how much forgiveness you express.

2. “Select psychics can erase your karma for you.” This is false, just as you can’t do it for yourself. Avoid the psychics who claim such powers. Also avoid those who claim to be able to control the behavior of other people (e.g., bring a lover back).

3. “As long as your intent is good, it’s okay to do spells to make others do what you want.” Nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as you use black magic—and by definition, that’s what it is—to attempt to get someone to do what you want, you cross a very dark line and set yourself up for wicked harsh karma.

Additionally, spells cast to control others invariably utilize demons or negative energy in some form or another. If you get in bed with dark forces, you are wed to them for a very long time, including being their sinister servant on the other side after death.

4. “Astrology and numerology are only about possibilities.” Once you thoroughly investigate and apply the ancient methodologies of astrology and numerology, beyond the superficiality of horoscopes, transits, progressions, and other basic modern astrology and numerology methods, you realize there’s a lot in everyone’s life that is set in stone.

Our findings clearly show that predetermined, core life experiences and circumstances are a fact of life for everyone and comprehensive astrology and numerology, through pattern recognition, effectively outline overall rewards and challenges.

5. “Psychics, astrologers, numerologists, and other seers use demonic energy in their occult work.” Select religions tout this myth and it would be amusing if it didn’t make our work harder than it already is.

First, “occult” simply means hidden knowledge. There’s nothing sinister about tapping into life’s mysteries.

Second, in order to use demonic energy, you must align yourself with that energy. Using pure psychic ability or pattern recognition (e.g., in astrology, numerology, etc.) in tracking life circumstances has nothing to do with the dark side. Those who say otherwise would know this if they examined it firsthand instead of blindly embracing the dogma they are spoon-fed.

Prophesy, which has existed long before the world’s dominant religions, is as innocuous as forecasting the weather or financial trends.

It’s possible to use demonic energy in any type of work, and metaphysics isn’t inherently demonic in nature.

To avoid dark energies, we recommend avoiding excess alcohol, drugs, negative people, black energy rituals, and spells cast to control others. Regularly visualize yourself surrounded in white Light, and ask for protection and guidance from guides of the Light, including archangel Michael and, or the God you pray to.

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