No who doesn't love upholstery in their house? Probably for most homeowners, investing in upholstery is one of the most significant investments in home decor. But it's one thing to acquire them and another to maintain them in proper condition. Needless to say, upholstery furniture like the sofa is extremely prone to dirt and dust accumulations. Precisely for this reason, taking the right measures for professional upholstery cleaning in Brisbane is imperative. Gone are the days when hiring cleaning professionals were considered a luxury. These days such services come at a very affordable price and are well within the budget of most people.

The thing is, there are several myths that surround upholstery cleaning, and that's probably the reason why many people feel a bit apprehensive in hiring professional services. So what are these myths?

• There’s no distinction between upholstery cleaning companies:

This isn’t true at all because at the end of the day, these companies are just another service provider and they aren’t the only ones in the market. There will be many companies offering more or less the same kind of cleaning services, but that doesn't mean that they are exactly the same.

• Stains can be removed through white vinegar:

Considering this is such a big myth, it’s easily one of the most common DIY cleaning mistakes one can make. To a certain extent, it’s not entirely a myth because in some instance you might actually end from removing the stain from your upholstery. But more often than not, it also results in its discolouration.

• Upholstery cleaners just remove the dirt up top:

This is a big myth and reality is far away from it. If you end up hiring reputed upholstery cleaners, they will do much more than removing the dirt. Once they are done thoroughly vacuuming, they will use advanced techniques to freshen up your upholstery. This will result in upholstery which not only looks nice but also smells fresh and feels soft.

• Cold water can’t be used:

Now most DIY upholstery cleaners have this idea that cold water can’t be used on their upholstery since they are accustomed to using cold water in other kinds of cleaning. This isn’t true at all because whether you should use cold or hot water depends heavily on the kind of fabric the upholstery is made of. For instance, if it’s velvet upholstery, make sure never to use hot water on them as they can easily get distorted if you do.

• DIY cleaning is possible:

Let’s not kid ourselves because if you treat upholstery cleaning with any other kind, for example, carpet cleaning in Brisbane, you are making a big mistake. Yes, there is this myth that DIY upholstery cleaning can be made much more effective than what professional cleaners offer. Any kind of upholstery furniture is expensive, and the last thing you will want is to damage them while cleaning which would be the case if you opt for a DIY approach.

So these are some of the most popular myths as far as cleaning upholstery is concerned. If you want to clean them is the best possible manner, you need to dispel the myths mentioned above.

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