Narrow furniture which has a set of drawers to keep your belongings is essentially called a chest of drawers. This is an extremely versatile furniture that you can keep just about anywhere. Wooden chest of drawers is game changer furniture that when placed anywhere just adds depth, understanding, and body to it.

Chest of drawers are storage units which also add a touch to decorative purposes, you can place just about anywhere to use their functionality and diversity.

Despite having wardrobes and other storage units, there are always things, little or big lying around us, and we just can’t understand where to store them or put them away, the chest of drawers come into handy then.

Nowadays most style of chest of drawers online come in a rectangular shape and are kept on the ground. They are as traditional in shape as it used to be. The most useful versions are the wooden chest of drawers. These are durable, these last generations, and are oh so pretty!

Most of the wooden chest of drawers that are available are of three different heights, waist-high, bench high, shoulder high. These when placed according to the height, define their utility to the best.

Five places where it is best to keep the chest of drawers-


Place the smaller chest of drawers near your bed and make into a beautiful yet completely functional bedside table, in case you have a sofa in your room, you can place it next to it as a small coffee table cum storage in your room. These can not only be used to store your things but also as a showcase for your decorative things and memories and pictures.


Hallways or entryways or passages as they are called can be upped in decor by placing a chest of drawer along with a mirror, it just brings up a barren hallway, and also acts as a storage space for files, other items that need a storage and get lost, torn or damaged if kept in other areas due to being stored along with other items.
Chest of drawers also helps with storing the rarely used items like spare electrical units, wires, tool boxes, etc.


You can use the chest of drawers as storage units for your cutlery, knives, extra containers, etc which have every day and practical uses. A good and tight set of drawers will help keep things away from children and their prying hands, they also prevent accidental mishaps of leaving any sharp instrument in reach of children. A good chest of a drawer doesn’t even get damaged by water.

●Children's Room-

Those art supplies, those school books, those extra storybooks, those created artworks or balls or toys all need space to be kept in place in an organized and neat manner. These Chest of drawers help you do just that, and a tall chest of drawers also prevents children from reaching out to things that you can hide in the top drawers.


A chest of Drawers is like God sent in your garage. You can
keep your car tools, accessories, cleaning equipment all organized and in one place. When you need them, it will be easier not to search for them, and you save yourself a lot of headaches over misplaced small tools or screws. Even if not a garage, you can store it in your storeroom, back closet for organizing those small and easy to lose equipment.

Go ahead and find yourself a chest of drawers online that will match your need, and look preferably for wooden chest of drawers so that they are versatile and durable.

Author's Bio: 

The author, Reena Malhotra is a renowned expert in the field of furniture