Himachal Pradesh is beautiful and pristine. One such famous gem of this region is Manali. This is undoubtedly India’s one of the most opted places for summer vacations. Manali as a hillside is beautiful. It has treks, it is surrounded with mountain range covered with snow and great food. Manali has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Manali tour is always in demand especially in summers. In case, you do not get any place in Manali, do not loose heart. You can still opt for another amazing hill station in Himachal region and go for Shimla tour.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Manali

1. Nehru Kund: As it is evident from the name, this place was often visited by Pandit Nehru. This place is known for its magical healing powers. It is located about 6 kilometers from Manali. This natural spring has bubby water coming out from rocks. The water is known to have minerals in it that has healing properties.

2. Vashisht Hot Springs: These natural hot springs are located in a small village near Manali where Rishi Vashisht used to reside. As per folklore Lakshman had shot a fire arrow or “Agni Vaan” into earth that gave birth to these natural hot springs. The water from the springs is known to contain high amount of Sulphur that helps in curing body ache and skin ailments. There are modern day baths made for Men and Women to go and take a dip.

3. Hadimba Temple: Located just a few minutes from the mall in Manali, this temple is the abode of Goddess Hadimba. The temple is made in pagoda style giving it a distinct look. When you look at the temple you will realize that many movies have been shot at this place.

4. Manu Temple: Situated about 3 kilometers from the Mall road this is another tourist spot that you simply cannot afford to miss. Dedicated to Lord Manu the temple is located in an absolutely serene and scenic location.

5. Solang Valley: Near to Manali is the Solang Sports valley. It is snow clad region where people can indulge in various kinds of adventure sports and recreational activities. Right from paragliding to skiing there are a vast number of options that one can explore. It is a perfect family destination where one can go and have fun.

If you have time and if the weather permits, then you can do a day’s trip to Rohtang pass also. However, please check while booking your Manali Packages if the road to Rohtang is accessible or not. In case, Manali is sold out, then maybe you can go for a lovely Shimla tour.

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