If you don’t have much experience in the dating field you might make the mistake of believing all women have the same personality types and treat them the same way.


You might already know that you have to treat different personality types with a unique approach but not know what those approaches are.

When you learn about the 5 personality types women have you’ll be able to have better relationships with the kind of woman you want and also know what you’re getting yourself into before investing time and energy.

Before I get started I want to say there are a more personality types, but I can’t get into all of them in this short article. Instead I’m giving you the top 5 so you at least have a better chance when you go out to meet women.

#1 – The Shy girl.

The shy girl is very interesting. Generally you’ll have to invest a lot of time into a shy girl. There’s couple of reasons why she’s shy. One is that she doesn’t have too many friends and isn’t that socially outgoing. Usually doing something romantic for her or showering love quotes for her means she will fall for you. On the flip side another reason she is shy is that she’s actually a freak in bed but doesn’t let it out. You’ll generally have to be pretty experienced with women to know how to bring that out of a shy girl. Otherwise you’ll be spending enormous amount of time with her and possibly end up in the friend zone.

#2 – Regular chick.

The regular chick conforms to the general norms of your local environment. She’ll dress very similar to the crowd. She’ll have similar world views as most of her friends. The best way to court a regular chick is to find out what her friends are into, music, books etc... and then use that to open up conversations with her.

#3 – Church Girl

The church girl will do everything in her power to make you see things her way. She uses her religion as a constant resource in her daily life. She might occasionally step outside her comfort zone but quickly draw back based on what she’s been taught. This is especially true when it comes to sex. Church girls can be experimental, from the strict bounds of her influences she sometimes feels liberated and a little “bad” for stepping out of the norms just a little bit. If you provide something just a little thrilling for her while still showing you share the same values she’ll see you as intriguing.

#4 – Party Girl

The party girl can be very very fun to be with. She has no worries, she’s in that stage of her life where she just wants to have fun. But most guys fall for her hard and try to get her into a relationship and fail. It ends up driving him insane and chase her even more. When you’re dealing with a party girl you’ll be forced to deal with all your insecurities. It’s much better to deal with party girls if you’re also in the party phase.

#5 – Spoiled

The spoiled girl wants everything her way and have it be the only way. She won’t necessarily care if you get anything out of it. If she doesn’t get things her way she’ll get upset very fast and you can potentially lose brownie points with her. But trust me, she’s very good at getting what she wants. What’s really interesting is that eventually she’ll get bored with you regardless of what you do. There’s a certain way of handling her and some guys enjoy that challenge. The trick is if you’re the adventure type and you provide her with experiences that overpower her desire for superficial things. That’s very hard to do unless you are the adventurer.

That’s the 5 personality types, there are many more out there that you will encounter. Get used to dealing with these five and as you build your confidence you can branch out into others.

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