Because your results are equal to the level of your skills and knowledge, personal development is a crucial key for attaining higher levels success.
Here are 5 essential personal development practices to support your higher accomplishment:

Control over circumstances begins with controlling your reaction to your circumstances. To develop your power of self-control, practice handling every challenging situation with calm and steady peace and poise.

Your power flows in the direction of your attention.That is how petty personal grievances hinder greater goal-achievement. Develop your power to keep working on your most important goals by immediately letting go of thoughts about people who disturb you.

Hoping that things work out wastes your power to produce the results you want. Develop your power to achieve higher results by focusing on what you can do right now to achieve what you want instead of simply hoping for it.

Reality is for you, even when circumstances seem counter to your schemes and dreams. Worry, however, prevents one from seeing how wonderful things can really be. To develop the faith you need to see and seize your golden opportunities, practice trusting that all is working out in your favor, even despite contrary appearances.

Your fifth personal development secret for greater success is based on the principle that you become the person you consistently think you are and you produce results consistent with that self-concept. To release your greater potential for greater success, practice paying close attention to how you think of yourself to immediately let go of thoughts that portray you as a failure.

Turn the above into a weekly 5-day plan for your growth into greater success. Each workday, choose one practice to keep foremost in your mind throughout the day. You will soon discover that applying these powerful personal development practices helps you get to wherever you want to go.

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As a public speaker, seminar leader and consultant for over 25 years, Bob Lancer has been inspiring audiences around the nation and overseas, and setting them on a more direct and fulfilling path to total life-success, with his empowering insights and strategies.

He delivers a uniquely positive message of wisdom for more healthy, happy and successful parenting, marriage, child education, professional childcare, and personal and professional development.