One of the finest ways of defining luxury is through the free-standing bath. These are appealing in more ways than one. But one of the most obvious reasons for this is that the free standing baths in Perth are just gorgeous. Provided you have space this can offer a relaxing retreat feel and can enhance the wow factor of your restroom. More and more people prefer this because of the ultimate style statement. The primary reasons why this is such a hit can be enlisted as below.

Plethora of Options – The best thing about the freestanding baths is that they are available in a large number of shapes and sizes. Some of them include oval, round, egg-shaped and rectangular shapes. Each one offers a different style with the modern smooth or angular edges and the traditional clawfoot. You can pick from a wide variety of lengths and depths. While the shallow ones are apter for children, the deeper ones are ideal for those who like to soak in the bubbles for hours together.

Extra Space – The spaciousness that encircles the bath makes the restroom look much larger than it is. Apart from that, the free standing baths in Perth are also very easy to clean and much simpler than the built-in counterparts. To make the most of these, you should place the bath in the centre of the washroom or on a raised platform. This will make it stand out.

Get Stylish – Classic or Modern? Traditional or Avant-garde ? Undoubtedly you will have an easy time figuring out which style works for you just like choosing the right porcelain tiles in Perth for your washroom or kitchen. Pedestal and clawfoot tubs work for the erstwhile bathrooms. But the modern versions of these will also surprise you in more ways than one. While the corner tubs are crafted with a space-saving mentality, the rounded ones should be used in more spacious washrooms. As an after-thought, do not forget to measure the hallways and the openings to ensure that the tub can make it to the bathroom. Your style choices will be a bit more limited if you choose whirlpool jets, but then you can adjust a small trade-off.

Versatile Material – Whether you need a traditional material or something more exotic, you will get it. From the cutting-edge material like stone, stainless steel and concrete to the conventional ones like the copper, acrylic, cast iron and the wood. Maintenance, appearance and durability all come into consideration at the time of selecting the right bath tub just like the porcelain tiles in Perth. Some materials like stone will need more caretaking than that of acrylic. All these depend on who is using it and how he or she will handle it.

Tapware – In the case of tapware to install in your free standing bath, there are a lot of options like the floor mounted and wall mounted taps.

The above are some of the reasons why free standing baths are such a hit among the users. Apart from the grand appeal, this is also a fashion statement and a status symbol.

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