Winter holidays are around the corner and it’s the time when most households look for innovative ideas to revamp their home and make it look grand new. Starting with the furnishing is the best idea and this article has summed up some great ideas to deck up the living room of your house to make it look stunning for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. No matter if your living space is small or large, these ideas work well for every situation. Starting with some stackable dining chairs to cool LED lightings, here are many different creative stuff explained that you can get for your living space and make it look beautiful.

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Get a corner sofa for good reception of guests

Well, to make your living area perfect for house-warming parties during the festive season you need lots of space. So, replace the old giant-sized sofa set with a corner sofa. The former must be placed at the center of the room as it comes with 4 seating pieces and hence eats up a lot of space. On the other hand, a corner sofa comes with a long L-shaped single piece seating. So, placing it at one cosy corner of your room will leave enough room for the reception of your guests.

Choose contemporary bar stools to complement you wine cellar structure

If your house’s living area has a striking wine cellar, then get some cool bar stools to complement it. They help to create the perfect ambience for Christmas parties. They are wooden or metal stools with long support stands. Hence, they can greatly complement the desk at the front of the cellar where guests can sit and relax with wine glass or bottles. In case, you have installed a designer wine cellar in the hallway, bar stools can well complement that too. All you need is to choose sleek and stylish stools that match the design of the wine cellar.

Distract guests with statement décor pieces

Apart from well-decorated Christmas tree, get one or two off-beat décor items to make your hall or living area more warm and welcoming. For instance, you can pick up a designer LED lamp (that changes colours) or replace the old hanging wall clock with a crafty clock. Even better, you can place a resting armchair which is upholstered with great fabric to provide a comfy sitting place to your older guest.

Decorate the wall with art pieces and lights

When it is Christmas, the most cheerful time of the year, you need to make your home equally warm and cheerful for your guests. So, think of using bright coloured wallpaper, affix some cool artworks and picture frames on the walls. Lastly, deck the walls with bright lights. Get different kinds of lights like small LED bulb fixtures found in unique shapes and string lights to illuminate your living space as much as possible.

Use stackable chairs for dining

You must pay attention to your dining space too where you will be serving your guests with great food. Style it up with the most contemporary seating arrangement. If space is an issue, buy some bar tables and three to four stackable dining chairs which will consume least floor space. You can keep all your food servings at the centre of the room on the table and make your guests sit comfortably around it.

Whether you want the living space to be beautifully lit up with a grand Christmas tree or want to host parties with lots of friends, these furnishing ideas are suitable in all situations. While all of them are suggested considering the modern outlook of families, they are also great for orthodox family settings i.e. in mansions or palaces.

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David Collingwood is an architect and blog writer in his free time who likes to give his ideas on how to decorate homes, lobbies, offices and shops. He talks about modern furniture like bar stools, comfy bean bags and stackable dining chairs that offer the best sitting experiences to the guests.