Do you feel that adrenalin rush whenever you imagine yourself driving on a highway? Driving can be exciting and adventurous only when you know the intrinsic specifications of your car, road rules and the tricks of handling your car against possible on-road hazards.

Taking charge of the steering turns out to be a nerve-wracking experience, especially to people who are new to driving or yet to master the art of safe driving tactics.

This article highlights 5 master tips of defensive driving that will help you stay safe on road and handle your car against possible collisions.

  • Look Ahead for Possible Hazards

The first step towards defensive driving is to look ahead for potential hazards such as potholes that may lie ahead of the road and risk your car's life. Moreover, there may be chances of having inexperienced drivers around you and with lack of proper vision and skills, you might end up with life-threatening car collisions.

  • Keep Safe Distance from Cars

You can't predict road conditions such as traffic, possible hazards, condition of roads and therefore, it's important to maintain a safe distance from the cars ahead of you while driving. A huge portion of defensive driving lessons in Carlton covers the guidelines of how you can keep a safe distance from cars and stay safe from potential collisions or crashes on road.

  • Minimise Distractions While Driving

Researches have proved that majority of road accidents occur due to distractions such as speaking over the phone, eating or reading news while driving. A responsible driver should never indulge in any sort of distraction and stay focussed while being behind the wheels. It's better to keep aside cell phones and have plenty of sleep before taking charge of the steering.

  • Check for Blind Spots Ahead of the Road

The driving school in Carlton always advise drivers to check for blind spots ahead of the road and act sensibly if in case, there's any. Checking blind spots before making a turn is a wise decision but often can turn out to be dangerous, depending upon the road conditions. So, it's up to the skills of the driver to avoid such areas beforehand.

  • Keep Calm and Stay Focussed

It's better not to go out with your car if you are feeling drowsy. Lack of proper sleep ceases your concentration and increase the chances of possible collisions or dangerous accidents. Whether you are driving alone or with your family, ensure you have a proper night sleep before so that you can stay calm and focussed.

Final Words

Driving can give you ultimate fun and excitement only if you have proper knowledge on the subject. Defensive driving is the key to stay safe on the road and tackle dangerous collisions like a pro. So, if you have not yet mastered the art of safe driving, it's high time to hone your skills. For more details on how to pass a defensive driving test in Carlton at the first attempt, keep following our upcoming posts.

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The author is a professional driving instructor in a reputed driving school in Carlton and offers advanced driving lessons in Carlton to aspirants who want to qualify driving test in Carlton at the first attempt.