Facebook continues to be the reigning champion of social media sites, as the premier place for friends to connect and share online. More than just a hangout for friends, Facebook has become a place where businesses can market themselves through customer interaction and self-promotion.
Whether you're a big business or a small local business, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool - it's a great space to educate customers, build a brand identity, and expand your reach.

Check out 5 new social apps media marketing opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and more.

1. Facebook Advertising : classic ads
Facebook offers Facebook Ads its own form of advertising, which appears in the side columns of the Facebook site. They include a title with the copy, an image and a click link to a Facebook page. One possible technique for increasing likes or generating clicks on the site is by implementing Facebook advertising with the help of Digital marketing company
Facebook's advertising features include:

Facebook user data targeting age, location, education, and interests.
The ability to define advertising budgets.
Ad test, in which multiple ad versions can be run simultaneously to compare ad designs and configuration.
Integrated tools for measuring advertising performance.
The ability to advertise your particular region - great for local businesses.

2. Use And Learn From Analytics
It can be easy when it comes to get lost on social media marketing on Facebook. The good news is that there are plenty of built-in road maps to help you succeed!
There are plenty of generic stats making general statements, with Wednesday and Thursday being the best days to post on Facebook. These statistics can be a good place to start. But every business is different and falling into the basic rules of thumb can be detrimental. Using real-time social analysis tools to advantage can ensure your marketing for what is your particular business.

3.Priority Of Personalized News Feed On Facebook

Facebook users can now set partiality to control which contacts they see at the top of their news feed. Best digital marketing company that delivers consistent, valuable content that builds trust, establishes you as an authority, and builds customer loyalty.
When people are eagerly awaiting your posts and want to hear from you, they'll prioritize your updates and put you at the top of their feed for increased visibility.

4. Reduce Your Audience For Facebook Ads

Your social media contacts may not all belong to the same target segment. By adjusting the demographics of your viewers, Facebook allows you to more specifically target your audience and provide them with the most relevant information. age, gender and geography, consider interests and purchase history. Targeting your audience helps you send the right message to the right people at the right time.

5. "Call now" Function On Facebook Ads
About 51% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices.
That being said, it makes sense that most Facebook users access their accounts on the go.Facebook added a "Call Now" button to the ads.
Now someone can walk down the street looking at their phone, see your ad on Facebook, and call your business with just the push of a button.
Create content that drives traffic to your business.

In addition to updates from Facebook, here are some new and emerging marketing opportunities on other social media platforms that can deliver results.

1.Opportunity On Twitter Spaces
While still in test mode, this audio chat version of Twitter is a place for two to ten people to participate in host-moderated conversations.
Hosts can invite people through private messages or by sharing links through social media, text, or email.

Audience Comments: Real-time chat enables a two-way conversation that provides rich, nuanced commentary.
Target your audience: Monitor Twitter for feedback on your business, services, and competition Find out what people are saying about you and send personal space invitations to affected Twitter users.

2.Opportunity On Twitter Fleets
Fleets disappear from tweets that are only posted for a short period of time and offer users the opportunity to share more informal thoughts.
As each position only has a lifespan of one day, the goal is for people to be more inclined to engage and participate.
Fleets can help businesses in the following ways:
Cultivate Product Awareness: Create a sense of urgency with one-day articles on top sellers and upcoming product releases.
Audience engagement: Ask subscribers to post their own material, which you can then share through fleets.
Post details in a timely manner: Keep customers up to date with sensitive information such as limited availability, FINAL SALES, or shipping announcements.

3.On Clubhouse Opportunity
Similar to Twitter spaces, Clubhouse is a powerful audio chat social networking app for those who can tap its potential.
It's so exclusive that you have to be invited by someone already on Clubhouse to join the app.
However, once you are there, the power of the app is amazing.
You can join any virtual room from the "corridor". If you want to speak, you can have the opportunity to participate by raising your hand.
With Clubhouse, you're minutes away from connecting with influencers, clients, and other people who could be vitally important to your business, network, and net worth.

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