MLM training is something that isn't in short supply in the majority of multi-level marketing companies, but the reality is that the methods shown to new business builders have not really progressed over the past 60 years. Write down your 100-150 top friends and business contacts, invite them to a home/phone/hotel presentation, recruit a few people into your business, do it again.

You know what, that strategy worked great for the first 50 years (and still can for people who carry a lot of influence), but as people change and technology evolves you have to embrace different ways to build your business in the new Social Media-oriented culture.

When I got started in this industry back in 2000, my network marketing sponsor told me that if I want to be a success, then I just need to do what the successful people were doing. As a broad concept it makes sense but, in my opinion, it's not entirely realistic. Take someone like John D. Rockefeller or Henry Ford. If they were alive today, they'd have to build their empires differently than they did in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively, because people and cultures are different and the windows of opportunity they were able to capitalize on have changed.

This truth applies to your business as well.

These days, there are different laws, and people communicate and build relationships through technology more than ever. Here are 5 network marketing success tips that will help you build an MLM training guideline for you and your distributors which will encourage you to reach the top levels of your company.

1. Locate a mentor who is getting results right now. It's great to have an upline business leader who built a huge group 30 years ago since they could still give you some good tips on how to sustain a large downline or on closing techniques. That's great, but could they realistically do it again if they were to lose their entire downline? I'd bet no, because you can't expect to build a massive team by finding only 30-40 personally-sponsored distributors over a few years anymore. Does that make sense?

2. Learn how to leverage yourself through the power of technology. Which sounds like a better strategy: walking around Barnes and Noble to talk to a few people here and there, or sharing your business with a thousand people per week who are currently searching for someone like you to work with, all on autopilot?

3. Learn how to create massive amounts of leads with sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. When you know how to use these social networks THE RIGHT WAY, it's absolutely possible for you to create a six figure income in half the time or less than it took 25 years ago.

4. Accept that you need to sponsor more distributors than they did in the past. As I touched on, there was a time when you could build a huge team by recruiting only 30-40 people, but that's not the case anymore. Since it's no longer a new concept, the good news is it's easier to sponsor new distributors today than it has ever been before. By using things like the internet, it's entirely possible to personally recruit more distributors in a year than most successful reps used to do in 4-5 years.

5. Commit to being successful. I know you've heard that the only way to fail in MLM (or anything for that matter) is to quit. Yes, it's a cliche' but that's because it's true! When you find the right training through a good mentor and stick to building your business no matter what, network marketing has an exciting success rate. Make a commitment today that you'll do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult it may seem at first, to be a success in your business. I believe in you!

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By applying these 5 network marketing success tips, you'll be well on your way to building the life you've always imagined for your family. Click below to learn how to use an online network marketing system to sponsor more distributors on autopilot than you ever thought was possible from a 10 year MLM veteran, Brian Rakowski.