You want to avoid creating negative karma if you’re like us and believe that whatever you intend, say or do comes back to you.

We’re confident that our long-term empirical research with past life regression and interpreting personal fate through comprehensive astrology and numerology, has enlightened us about what we believe to be the law of karma.

Even if you don’t share our theories, you still want to do the right thing in all situations, assuming you have a conscience.

Over the years we’ve read and heard about what we interpret as a lot of myths about karma.

Below we list five politically correct myths about karma.

Myth Number 1: “A person who wants to become famous and wealthy for selfish reasons instead of wanting to inspire and help others heal and share their wealth with those less fortunate is doomed. The karmic consequences of such selfishness is to lose it all and suffer disgrace.”

Does anyone really believe that wanting to be rich and famous just for the sake of being rich and famous will condemn you to poverty and dishonor? It sounds like absolute rubbish to us, embraced by those who have financial hang-ups.

We’ve said it many times: there’s nothing wrong with the desire for financial abundance. It’s perfectly spiritually acceptable. What’s important is what you do with your wealth and how you treat others. There are countless shining examples of wealthy individuals who give a lot of money to charity.

“People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world.” John Stossel

In truth, most, if not all people who achieve their goals of becoming rich and famous acted in their own self-interest; it won’t make you incur negative karma by doing so.

Myth Number 2: “Your free will can change your fate greatly.”

This assertion is in dire need of clarification. Our findings firmly show that your free will can only alter the fate of your future lives, not this life.

Most of your fate in this life--we believe 75% of the core circumstances and events in your life--is unchangeable and you’re powerless to alter it. It may sound depressing, but cheer up, because that 75% includes the rewarding things in life too, and you have free will to make the most of your circumstances through your attitude, grace, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

Myth Number 3: “You decide your fate by your decisions and faith and nothing is set in stone.”

This is another one that needs clearing up. Fate is not like an entree you choose from a menu. Your core life circumstances in this life are due to your actions in prior lives, even if you don’t remember them. Your decisions now won’t change your ultimate fate in this life, but they can shape your future life fate. Also, we believe faith is important, but it won’t alter your personal karma and fate in this life.

It’s always amusing to us when we hear, “nothing is set in stone.” It’s the mantra of those who want an easy out if their predictions don’t manifest, deny that personal adversity exists and, or haven’t done the work necessary to witness the recurring correlation between patterns (in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts) and key circumstances and events in people’s lives.

Myth Number 4: “Ascension is happening on the planet so instant karma is happening, as is co-creation, which allows you to bypass bad karma.”

We believe “ascension” is New Age nonsense and the law of karma isn’t changing at all--the basic tenet remains the same.

What you do today won’t catch up to you any sooner because of a New Age myth called ascension. Karma, both good and bad, always catches up to you, in time.

Also, you’ve always been “co-creating,” from the moment of your first lifetime, eons ago. You create your reality by how you view and deal with your life situations. You can’t erase or bypass negative karma. You must balance it directly.

Myth Number 5: “Most of us are on our last lifetime, so the karma is almost balanced.”

As much as we would like this to be true, nothing in our research points to this notion. The reality is that most people have many more lifetimes to endure.

Life is not easy. But understanding, what we believe to be, the reality of karma will make it much easier to endure.

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