When you are a child you will have a lot of dreams but no money. When you are old, you will have a lot of money but no time. However, if you can manage a little break from your routine life by undertaking a trip to a distant place, there will be a great relief. You can overcome the stress in the best possible way by roaming around the mindboggling destinations in Europe. The best destinations in Europe are ideal for people over 50.


Beyond Eiffel Tower there are many destinations to explore in Paris. If you explore the city on foot, you will be able to collect good experiences. However, there are other options as well.

  • Monet Gardens– You can reach the location in 10 minutes by bus journey or 45 minutes by the train journey.
  • One part of the garden comprises various kinds of symmetries
  • The other part of the garden contains a water garden which is based on the Japanese theme.
  • Hop-on hop-off tour bus – It is the convenient and budget means of roaming around the city. You will get down at various destinations and you can collect cool memories.
  • When you board tourist buses, you will get access to headphones which explains you the importance of various places.
  • Cruises – River Siene is the right place for cruise-lovers. The trip allows you to have a glance on the picturesque streets, cathedrals and artistic bridges.


  • The biggest island in Greek has a great history. You can explore beautiful sandy beaches in this place.
  • The location is ideal for adrenalin-filled adventurers.
  • The place is also suitable to explore the culture and traditions of this place.
  • There is ample scope for relaxation as well
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum - The place is ideal for history lovers. There are items which belong to 5500 years ago.
  • Venetian harbor – You can reach the location present in the old town by the boat ride. You can also find the lighthouse which is near the harbor.
  • Fresh food – You can find fresh and tasty food prepared by locals. Cheese, wine and meat are available in plenty and you can taste mouthwatering dishes in Crete.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Amalfi Coast is famous for fishing villages and beaches. You can visit the location anytime in the year but not between November and the Easter season.
  • There will be ideal temperatures during spring and autumn.
  • Positano – It is a colorful town where houses are built with interesting architecture. There are luxurious hotels to relax upon.
  • Customized sandals – Various kinds of items including customized sandals, ceramic items and sportswear can be purchased from local outlets.
  • Sorrento – The place is ideal to capture the Silhouette view. You will have access to small boats or you can join with the local group.
  • Pompeii – The amphitheater constructed in 80BC is present in this location.
  • There are various options to relax in Italy.
  • You can capture picturesque vivid images and have great memories to cherish all through your life.

The Algarve, Portugal

  • Splendid beaches – The place is ideal for a number of beaches – a great means of relaxation
  • Warm climatic conditions – The place has warm climatic conditions all through the year. Hence, you can plan your trip anytime in the year as per your convenience.
  • Panoramic views – If you enjoy outdoor exploration, Algarve is the best destination.
  • Golf courses – There are many golf courses which deliver the best experience for golf lovers. Your game will not be destroyed by rain as there will be sufficient sunshine all through the year.
  • Historical churches – Algarve has many historical churches. Distinct tiles and azulejos decorate these old buildings.
  • Old town square – The old architecture will be live when you visit the old town square.

The Highlands, Scotland

  • The small country can be explored in a single day by road trip.
  • Excellent visuals – The scenic beauty of the location of Highlands is impressive. The place has the most picturesque and unique spots on the global map.
  • Rail journey – If you would like to cover a lot of places in a few hours, you can take a train journey. The train service starts in Glasgow.
  • Boat exploration – If you explore Moray Firth by boat, you can have a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins. As a matter of fact, boat tours are available on regular basis. There are whales and other water bodies as well.
  • Edinburgh – It is a historic city where you can explore the old town to understand the culture and traditions of local people.
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe – The place is ideal for arts festival which will take place all through the month of August.

Overseas trip coverage

To experience a safe and trouble-free journey, you will take various kinds of steps. However, many people forget the importance of travel insurance.

Some travelers will buy a policy for the mere sake but not understanding the real worth of the policy.

If you planning a visit to Europe you should not underestimate the importance of travel insurance plan.

By subscribing to the best insurance plan, your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner.

Importance of travel insurance

In spite of best planning, your trip can go in a wrong direction. There are various risks associated with foreign travel.

  • Trip cancellation – In some cases, you will want to cancel the trip or postpone the trip. When you had already purchased the tickets and booked hotel accommodation, there will be a heavy loss. It can be overcome by choosing a travel insurance policy with the trip cancellation coverage.
  • Loss of checked-in baggage – If there is a loss of checked-in package, the insurance company will pay compensation. The compensation will be as per the features and coverage applicable by the policy. You can Compare Travel Insurance Online while buying the policy so that you can choose the best policy that fulfills your complete needs.
  • Loss of travel documents – If there is a loss of travel documents such as passport or visa, the insurance company will pay expenses incurred for the issuance of new documents.
  • Emergency medical assistance – When you are in the foreign land, you will have access to emergency medical assistance. The insurance company will guide in finding the right hospital for medical assistance.
  • Emergency dental assistance – The travel insurance policy will cover emergency dental assistance as well.
  • Transportation & evacuation – In some cases, the trip should be cancelled or abandoned due to unforeseen conditions. The insurance company will provide the transportation and evacuation services as well.
  • Coverage of death or disability – The insurance company will cover the death or disability. A lump sum amount will be paid to the beneficiary.
  • Special distress allowance – If your plane was hijacked by terrorists, you will get special distress allowance.
  • Insurance against burglary – The insurance company will protect your home against burglary. You will want to declare the items and worth of items in the insurance proposal form so that the insurance company will cover the property by collecting the appropriate premium.
  • Missed flights – In some cases, you might miss the flight due to traffic on the road or other unavoidable circumstances. The insurance company will help you find the alternate flight and the expenses involved in catching the next flight will be borne by the insurance company.
  • Third party cover – The unintentional damage caused by the policyholder to the third party will be covered by the insurance policy. If a third party files a case against you, the insurance company will come to your rescue.

How to buy a travel insurance policy?

  • You can buy a travel insurance policy online or offline. If you choose an online option, the insurance policy can be compared across various insurance companies.
  • There are many general insurance companies in India which are offering overseas travel insurance cover at the best price.
  • You can buy a policy after comparing the features and premium on the insurance aggregator’s website.
  • Anyone who is in between 6 months and 70-year old will be able to purchase the travel insurance policy.
  • If you buy a travel insurance policy in India, you will pay the premium in Indian currency and the benefits can be availed in foreign currency.
  • You should choose the best travel insurance company India which offers the best support to customers.
  • The claim support ratio of the insurance company should be high so that you can claim the policy without any issues.


There are various options for older travelers. To protect your travel plan in the best possible way, you should be covered by an appropriate travel insurance plan as well. You can subscribe to International Travel Insurance online and all the travel-related risk factors will be covered by the policy. Planning a vacation in the 50s can be accomplished successfully by choosing the best destinations in Europe!

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