If you think that only running and spending every day standing up are the main reasons for hours on end, you are wrong. It can be caused by other symptoms as well. These days, it has become a common problem and many people are experiencing this problem, who don’t run regularly or exercise similar activities on a regular basis.

Many problems can give birth to severe heel pain. Here, we have listed the five most common problems along with heel pain treatments.

  1. Swollen feet

Mostly, this pain is caused by swelling of tissues on the bottom of your feet.  This condition is medically known as plantar fasciitis.  It makes your muscles and tendons in the arch tired and inflamed easily. As an outcome, you experience a dull pain in the underside of the heel. Typically, it will take the worst form after sleeping or sitting down for a long time.


This condition can be treated by using an ice pack and taking inflammatory medication. This medication will reduce swelling. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, before the issue takes place, you should eradicate the chances. You should change your footwear (if it is not comfortable for you).  You should always start stretching exercises to avoid plantar fasciitis.

  1. Bone spurs

Bone spurs can also lead you to pain. Bone spurs can be an outcome of calcium build-up which results in a small growth of bone-forming in the areas near heel.  In this context, it is important to state that not all bone spur causes severe pain. So, not everyone having a bone spur is likely to develop chronic form of bone spur. Sometimes, joint damage from osteoarthritis creates bone spurs.  It breaks down the cartilage cushioning that marks the end of your bones.


There is only one way of detecting bone spurs. You need to go through radiologic testing.  If your heel pain is caused by bone spurs, then inflammatory medication will be prescribed. At the same time, you will be asked to check whether your footwear is fine or it’s the time you should change the footwear. The same is prescribed for shin pain treatment.

  1. Stress fractures

Fracture is another common reason working behind heel pain. Fracture is not like a break. A stress fracture usually takes place slowly.  This nature has made it difficult to diagnose.


The only treatment to resolve this condition is to take plenty of rest. If you work with the fractures, the wounded area will be stressed and the pain will be doubled, even triple.  The more you give rest to your foot, the quicker it will recover.

  1. Tarsal Tunnel syndrome

This condition is created by a nerve located at the rear of your heel. When it gets squeezed, you feel heel pain. However, this nerve-related condition is quite rare.


This heel pain treatment includes both rest and physiotherapy, Depending on your medical records, other methods can also be suggested by the doctors.

  1. Achilles Tendonitis

This is another common reason working behind heel pain. When the tendon gets connected with the back of the foot, the tendon gets prone to get damaged. Often such condition is caused by over-stretched and jarred during an accident.


First, you sho0uld try the home remedies. If your pain is severe and unbearable, you need to visit podiatry without any second thought.

Bottom Line

These are the five most common causes of heel pain and treatment. No matter whether your pain is moderate or severe, don’t overlook it. Take care of your feet because all your activities are centered on your feet. Be conscious before it’s too late!

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