Love, exotic scenery, spotlight, freedom, surprises, and Girls run the world. They make it go round and they make damn sure it revolves around them in so many ways too. From getting the doors opened for them, to making sure Instagram knows of their presence – girls are constantly in a frenzy to enjoy every moment life has to offer.
But not all moments last forever or get relived often…
Some moments every girl wants to enjoy even if it’s just once are:

Falling in love

Every girl wants to experience love – a little bit of fairy tale. That feeling of abandonment, happy beginnings, sacrifice, loyalty, sweet nothings and complete surrender to passion makes up the dreams of most girls.

The perfect moments of touring the world, visiting exotic islands, watching the sunset, enjoying beautiful winter scenes while wrapped in the arms of the ones they love will sound like music to the ears of any girl. Check out Slideshow: 35 Amazing Winter Scenes by

A good percentage of girls are suckers for love, no wonder you see them oohing and aaahing’ at every picture of perfect couples in magazines or the internet.


Whether it’s that moment they leave their parent’s to be on their own, or break free from a stifling relationship, or even tune off from the world and be in a zone of their own, every girl looks forward to that moment of complete freedom.

This freedom may not last for too long, but while it lasts, a girl will at least enjoy it.

Being in the spotlight

Somewhere deep within, every girl likes to be the subject of attention. That feeling is unexplainable especially when it comes from those that matter.

No girl will turn down the opportunity of getting deserved accolades and being appreciated. That feeling will give her a spring in her step and a lift in confidence.

Proposal and marriage

Why do you think girls cry when the love of their lives proposes to them?

That moment is so special that pictures cannot capture the feelings either can words. The moment she realizes she means the world to this one person she loves. The moment she stakes it all for this one person. The moment she agrees to do the rest of life’s journey with him… is a moment that a girl looks forward to experiencing at least once.

Access to mind-blowing money

Only a few will admit to this, but girls love money. Girls also love to use some of that money to go on spending sprees. They love to look good have fun and live comfortably so it goes without saying that should there be an endless stream of finances, a girl would gladly jump in and swim to the ends of the earth.

Having all the money to indulge guilt-free on whatever catches her fancy is a privilege a girl will want to enjoy at least once in her life.

There are many other moments a girl would love to enjoy and this is by no means an all exhaustive list. Feel free to share some moments with us in the comment section.

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