Your home today need to be as advanced as you are. So, it has become mandatory to look for furniture that can be fair and functional to the interior of this day.

Understanding this, here are some of the modular TV units that can be used for standing with the uses and uniqueness of it.

Wall Mount Modular TV Units

This cabinet furniture is taking place in most of the Indian houses of the present day. Wall mount modular TV unit design is specially made for the little apartments with one or two BHK flats as it provides all the facilities within a small area.

However, the furniture consists of a wooden backdrop that gives a wall to the TV. With it, all the essential storages are stitched over that one panel, so that you do not lack your organizing place. All these features make it a much useful modular TV unit for small spaces.

Small Version of Wall Mount

A small wall mount modular TV unit design is instigated to facilitate a snugly TV cabinet in the smallest corner of the house. Unlike the usual furniture, it is much smaller to facilitate the basic amenities.

You cannot find a wholesome furniture that grabs the back of the TV, but you surely do have the essential storage with it. The modular TV cabinet consists of sleek paneled storage stuck on the wall. It may have shelves or drawers or even both.

It is good enough for kid’s rooms and bedrooms where you may place your books, DVD’s and other essentials. This TV unit is versatile enough to be functional without taking much space.

Floor Modular TV Cabinet

Have you lived up-to your knack for creating a beautiful living room with the best of sofa furniture? But are you still confused of how you should place a TV cabinet here?

Then floor modular TV units can definitely fulfill your demand. Modular cabinets come with most exotic finishes, be it frosty white or shimmery wood. So, your modern home can be vogue with this cabinet style.

Moreover, floor modular TV stands are enabled with ample storage to help you declutter your mess as well.

Tower Plywood TV Stands

Tower stands can be the most versatile accessory that you can get into your home as it facilitates ample storage to store and deck. Commencing this modular TV unit design in the living room will give you your showcasing area with least efforts.

The towers at sides are basically vertical cupboards with curio doors for a sneak peek inside out. With this, the TV unit also shows a floor cabinet where you can store the essentials right away.

Opt for modular TV units with reasonable towers that are neither too gigantic for small spaces nor too small for big areas for a wiser addition in the house.

Full Wall TV Units

Lastly, comes the modular TV unit design that has been brought in with much efforts and hopes. It covers all the four ends of the TV stylishly than ever.

This design holds a floor unit, towers at both the sides and shelves above the TV. However, this makes a wider frame where you can show everything from mantles, to clocks, to gifts to a little album.

Also, you can get it instigated with variously patterned shelves, drawers and cupboards for doing your showcasing in your way. Many of the modular TV units are offered with customization facility. While for a simple approach, you can directly search online.


These are some of the modular TV units that you must know about for your modern interior. Its design and utility is all set to make your home as good as you want it to be.

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