One of the major concerns for any Indian home is Kitchen – how it will look and work. If you are deciding to make an attractive modular kitchen there must be plenty of questions such as what materials should we use, what will be the estimated price.

We at LA Interiors hope to give your few tips for Modular Kitchen Designs and Prices for First-Timers:

Make sure to identify your kitchen work triangle: You must be wondering what does a kitchen work triangle means? It is a triangle made of the sink, refrigerator, and gas. These are the three-place where a person revolves most often. Make a rough sketch of your kitchen space before thinking of the whole layout.

Kitchen slab height: It is often seen that the kitchen counter size is decided by the average size of a human being. But, In India, the counter height used in every kitchen is generally between 820 mm to 860 mm because it is comfortable for most people to work at. Make sure the counter height is not too high for the people to work.

Choose Colors Wisely: Most people don’t think for the long run, they just follow the trend. Indian people love to have a white modular kitchen, but they forget that it will tend to result in a lot of tough stains. Also, darker shades attract more heat, especially in summers. So, you can simply use the combination of dark and light colors to maintain the balance.

Make Proper Ventilation: As we all know that cooking generates a lot of heat so make sure your kitchen gets proper ventilation. Allow fresh air to come inside and avoid the kitchen heat to collect inside the house.

Safety First: Kitchen is the most dangerous space in the house. Make sure your modular kitchen has all the safety points such as safe gas piping, curved countertops edges e.t.c. You should think about all the different safety majors to make your kitchen safe.

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