These misunderstandings are mainly from a conference on bisexual that I organized in New York. In the meeting, I asked bisexual friends to discuss what they hated as the most annoying words of bisexual, and then I listed them, and I made minor adjustments to them:

1. "There is no hypocritical bisexual in the world. How can there be bisexual in the world?"

Once after attending a gay event, on the way home with a gay, I told him that I was bisexual, and then he was particularly curious and surprised. He said that he had never met bisexuality before. And in his circle of friends and experience did not know any bisexual, he felt as if there is no bisexual in the world, or homosexuality, or heterosexuality. I felt particularly funny at the time, why, because many people think that they have not seen bisexual, it is natural to think that there is no bisexual existence.

2. "Bisexual likes promiscuity, and at the same time interacts with men and women, and private life is chaotic."

At the event I held, one person said that he shared with others that he was bisexual, and others noted that you bisexual came to establish promiscuity. It is also a significant misunderstanding of bisexual. Because whether a person is a promiscuity is related to his attitude towards sex and sexual life, not because this person is or is not bisexual. Imagine that heterosexuals are more addicted to promiscuity. Even heterosexuals may fall in love with two people at the same time. In my experience, I don't have enough energy to build two intimate relationships at the same time, because it is too tired. There is no direct correlation between maintaining close relationships with multiple people and sexual orientation.

3. "Bisexual is a homosexual that does not dare to know oneself; it is a compromise."

When a friend of mine tells others that he is bisexual, the gay social circle will say: "You must be a homosexual gay, you don't dare to come out, all you say bisexual." Here, I One point to emphasize is that no one but his or her own knows more about their sexual orientation and inner feelings than the person himself or herself. Whether we are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, people often make a mistake and stereotype that they use their values, knowledge, and experience to judge others. Because there are no bisexual friends around me, there is no bisexual in the world. Because I am gay, I don't recognize bisexual.

4. "Bisexual is female, they are all lesbians, there are no boys, or a few boys are seen."

Girls will indeed be more than boys in bisexual. However, my own experience is that I once organized a bisexual meeting in gay, and the result came to 30 people. I counted, 18 of them were male, and 12 were female. I thought it was exciting at the time, not that bisexual is a woman, why do we have so many boys in this salon. Then there is a boy in the middle who shared his own experience with us. He said that he is a bisexual and like bisexual hookup online, but when he interacts with a woman, he will say that he is a heterosexual. When he is in the gay circle of friends, he will say that he is gay, so he will not recognize his bisexual identity. Maybe it was really at our salon. He first told others that he was bisexual, so my feeling at the time gave me the impression that the reason we don't see male bisexual is probably because we The requirements of the whole society and culture for men and the setting of masculinity make it difficult for them to recognize and recognize their sexual orientation and characteristics.

5. "be a bisexual is for the sake of innovation and resistance to parents."

Many bisexual parents will say, "You are here to fight against us. You are doing bisexual for the sake of being unconventional." When we exchange bisexuals in these stigma bisexual words into homosexuality, for example, how can there be homosexuality in the world? This kind of thing, there is no homosexuality in the world; homosexual promiscuity, chaos, private life is very chaotic; homosexual perversion, fancy; homosexuality is heterosexuality with poor self-identification; homosexuality is disgusting, anal sex with men, with women's hands; Homosexuality is for the sake of unconventionality and resistance to parents, and homosexuality is for the pursuit of novelty. We will find these words seem to have met each other. When heterosexuality was used to the stigma the words of homosexuality, homosexual circles used similar words to shame and blame bisexual.

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