Are you a Magento store owner looking to improve your store and increase your business? We all agree that selling products online has become more efficient than selling them offline. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

Having an online store does not mean you instantly start getting profits.  Magento store owners often complain about their customers abandoning the cart, being unable to increase sales, poor customer reviews, etc. despite having the best products.  So, to help you avoid some crucial mistakes, we have prepared a list of them for you.

Confusing Checkout Process

A lot of Magento stores face customers abandoning carts and there could be various reasons behind it. Sometimes customers feel that the checkout process is too complicated because of multiple pages. So, always try to keep it simple. Do not make sign-up mandatory and rather allow your customers to checkout via social media logins or as guest users.

Also, make sure to not surprise your customers with unnecessary fees or unexpected terms and conditions at the checkout. This way you can build the trust of your customers and they might not abandon the cart. 

Not Offering Multiple Shipping Options

Firstly, we have some questions for you.

Will your customers place orders if they have no control over the delivery date or shipping method?
Do you offer a same-day delivery option?
Are your customers willing to pay shipping charges for every purchase they make? 

Every Magento store owner should ask these questions to themselves. If the answers to these questions are no then you should consider the tips provided below.  

There are high chances your competitors are offering better shipping options than you. So make sure your Magento store has a Magento 2 delivery date scheduler extension. 

This extension will allow your customers to choose from the available delivery dates or opt for same-day delivery if applicable. For store owners like you, it will help you with a list of all the orders received date-wise on a single page. 

Thus, adding a  Magento 2 order delivery date extension can be a win-win situation for both customers and owners.

Not Designing Mobile Responsive Website

Customers prefer purchasing from the phone because it is easier and accessible anytime anywhere compared to the desktop. So, it is a must to have a website that is mobile responsive. If your website does not work properly on mobile, your customers would not be able to view it properly. 

For example, your customer will get annoyed if they cannot see the product description properly or the loading time of the pages is more. This might make your customers run away and they are not likely to come back any time soon.

Poor Customer Service

One thing that you should not underestimate in an online business is customer service. If your product or service is not good enough the customers will give their reviews. Negative reviews can impact your brand image badly.  

How you respond to the complaints also counts. If you have a slow response time, give unsatisfactory replies, do not offer refunds, etc. will be counted as poor customer service. These points can be the reason for losing existing customers, and facing difficulty in getting new ones.  So, make sure you provide an easy way for your customers to contact you.

Insufficient Product Description and Images

Selling products online means your customers will be able to see your product when it is finally delivered to them and not before that. So make sure you provide images from all possible angles and the available color options.

Also, make sure you do not neglect product descriptions. Mention all the necessary things like warranty, expiry date, type of material, weight, dimension, and any other relevant information. You providing all information in the product description itself will help avoid unreasonable expectations.  


If you want to climb the cliff and be on the top of your industry, try avoiding the mistakes as discussed in this article. Providing efficient and relevant information while keeping the UI simple will win customers' hearts. Invest in extensions to make your Magento store rich in features. It will fix your problems in less time and money.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.