You might think that cleaning your house is a self-explanatory task but when you sit down to think about it, you will realize that it takes much more than that to get chores out of your house as quickly as possible.

This is because you are doing everyday errors in your cleaning methods that is making it harder. You don't realize that these mistakes are continuously adding effort and time to an already arduous task instead to saving the time.

These mistakes must be avoided so that your whole house is spick and span in lesser time. Listed below are the most common five mistakes that is making the cleaning of your house tougher:

Failing to maintain your vacuum cleaner

A great vacuum cleaner can speed up the cleaning process and suck the dirt. But if you don't service it, carpets get dull and bacteria starts to breed in your carpets. So it is very important to clean it up after every few months. Make sure to:

• Clean the air filter

• Clean the brush by removing the strings or matted hairs attached to it during the cleaning process

• Change the bag

According to Simplymaid Canberra, it's vital for your house that you must give time for the servicing of vacuum cleaner as you take out the precious time for cleaning the house.

Window cleaning on a bright day

You might think that it is favorable to clean the windows when there is sun outside but before you can wipe it up, sun's heat will cause your window cleaner to dry and evaporate, thus leaving stains and inhibiting all your efforts. So make sure to clean the windows on cloudy days or nighttime to get the sparkling clean glass.

Filling the dishwasher improperly

From how you position utensils on rack to how you place dishes with leftovers are some of the errors that you make while cleaning them. In addition;

• Carbohydrates leftover dishes require much more mechanical cleaning action so they must be directly subjected to sprayer arm.

• Protein leftovers dishes must get hit with water directly but they will have an additional time to wash without the direct spray action.

• Also leave the space for the next load as well in such a way that you don't have to re-wash the dishes that were not washed properly in the poorly packed load.

Using general spray or cleaning products on electronics

Don't use the chemical cleaners and window sprays on or near electronic devices such as television, computer, oven, mobile phones etc. as they are hazardous to such products. Always read the instructions on electronic equipment's for it. To clean them, use:

• Isopropyl as it doesn't leave a buildup of product.

• Microfiber-cloth either intended for eyeglasses or for cleaning supplies.

• Air cleaner or soft clean cloth.

Spraying your wooden furniture with cleaner directly

You might think that spraying your furniture directly with lemon waxy oil slick is an optimum method but that is how you are destroying your furniture! These type of oils leave fingerprints on them and make your furniture smeared. Also residue builds with time thus allowing more dust to attach to it.

To tackle this common mistake, its best to spray the cleaner on a disposable towel or microfiber cleaning cloth and then wipe down surfaces easily.

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur