For amateurs, the idea of window cleaning may seem overwhelming but a slight mistake can result in huge financial loss and ruin the curb appeal of a property. Window glasses are delicate and require careful handling during cleaning. This is especially true when it comes to removing smudges, dirt, fingerprints or stains from glass window surfaces. Following the right approach and using the correct tools is extremely important for extended lifespan of windows but unfortunately, homeowners who lack knowledge in window cleaning and undertake the job alone, end up making these drastic blunders.

Choosing Wrong Tools

Plunging into window cleaning without having a proper idea of the tools to use can result in more damage than good. Setting on the wrong equipment is a common mistake and can make the condition of window glasses even worse. Amateurs who use window scrapper considering it to be an ideal tool to fight stains moves it in multiple directions which can leave behind permanent scratches and ruin the lustre permanently.

Scrapping Incorrectly

No matter how hard you try, there will still be residues left behind on window surfaces such as dirt, mud, gum etc that will remain stuck somehow and removing them with a scour brush can cause more damage to the surface. For treating these pesky chores, wiping with a mild cloth can be an ideal solution. However, people who scrape hard using abrasive materials thinking that it would eradicate stains end up causing significant damage to the glass surfaces and repent for a lifetime.

Over-Reaching High-Rise Windows

Over-reaching high-rise windows without taking necessary safety precautions are not only risky but can prove to be fatal for your windows too. For cleaning high-rise windows, make sure you use a steady ladder and for additional safety, use ladder pads for structural support to the floors. Homeowners, who ignore hiring professionals during house cleaning in Brighton and perform DIY window cleaning, end up making significant damages to the glass surfaces and overburden their pocket with hefty dollars.

Not Taking Safety Measures

Safety is a pertinent issue which most homeowners often neglect during window cleaning. Using broken ladders, damaged tools are just not worth it when attempting to clean high-rise windows. Unless you are washing windows that are easily accessible, you need to take additional safety precautions to mitigate the risk of accidental slips or falls. However, amateurs who refrain from hiring experts during house cleaning in Kew and plunge into window cleaning alone, end up with severe back and head injuries and repent for a lifetime.

Using Newspapers & Toxic Detergents

Another common mistake most amateurs make is using newspapers on glass window surfaces during cleaning. Although it’s a popular practice and has been prevailing for years, it's never a good idea to use newspapers as they contain harsh chemicals that result in smudges and leaves behind ink spots that are difficult to remove. Instead of newspapers, experts always recommend using a clean and dry microfiber cloth for better results. Secondly, toxic detergents are major culprits behind smudged window glasses. People who have little knowledge make the biggest blunder and end up with a brand new replacement sooner than expected.

Final Words

Hope you got a fair idea of the common window cleaning mistakes you should avoid for increased lifespan of your pricey investment. If you find this article helpful, share this post with your friends and family and write your comments.

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