It’s that time of year again. As school semesters draw to a close, students everywhere break out in a collective sweat as they hear the word:


Yes, it’s exam season. Which means tests, dissertations, and the ever-dreaded culminating assignments (which is really just teacher slang for a whole whack load of essays and projects, all worth an inordinately high percent of your grade).

Students are feeling the heat as the school year nears its end. With the looming prospect of exams, final projects, and presentations galore, it’s enough to turn anyone a little harebrained.

If you’ve been busy muttering to yourself from behind stack of books, now is the time for a breather, friend. We’ve got 5 motivational quotes for students to give you the cognitive boost you need to power through those textbooks and thesis papers.

And if you haven’t been overcome with end of the school year twitches, that’s okay. We bet you’ll enjoy these mind-expanding quotes all the same. Read on!

1) “Speak only endearing speech, speech that is welcome. Speech, when it brings no evil to others, is a pleasant thing.” –Buddha

Easier said than done? You bet. But a worthwhile endeavor? Absolutely.

When we’re under greater stress than we’re accustomed to, we’re more liable to lash out at those around us. And that lashing out can take many forms. Whether it’s slamming a door, raising our voices, or hurling unkind words, we can strike out at the people around us in many ways.

In the moment, these momentary bouts of anger and frustration may feel like a good way to relieve tension, but they nearly always circle back to cause us more harm than good in the long run.

When you’re under added pressure and stress, whether it be from school, work, or personal matters, do your best to curb your frustrations before you speak. This may mean taking a moment to compose yourself before you open your mouth. It may feel like a tedious exercise, but rest assured it will save both you, and the people around you, further pain and upset in the moment, and in the future.

2) “What is not yours: let go of it. Your letting go of it will be for your long term happiness and benefit.” –Buddha

Truer words have not been spoken. And no, this isn’t a anti-stealing disclaimer, although it could certainly be read as such.

No, what’s being encouraged here is both much simpler, and much more challenging. It’s also an invaluable practice for those currently overwhelmed by anxiety and stress.

If you don’t have to do it: don’t do it. If it’s not absolutely imperative that the task is done, stop. You can’t be responsible for everything. You’re just one person. What is not yours, let go of.

Let the people around you provide help and assistance. If someone offers to drop off dinner, or take the dog for a walk, or fold your laundry, let them. We all need to be able to give help, as well as receive it.

So, focus on what needs to be done. Do that. And if it doesn’t need to be done, if it isn’t yours: let it go.

3) “Whatever has the nature of arriving has the nature of ceasing.” –Buddha

Ever heard the phrase: This too shall pass? Well, here’s Buddha’s take on the same principle.

It’s good to keep in mind that whatever is going on for you right now is only temporary. All things are temporary, as life is always in flux. Nothing is static, nothing is unchanging. We are always learning, growing, evolving, expanding.

Challenges may arise, but those challenges will also fall away. In time, these difficulties will fade. Things will get better, easier, brighter. Just hold on, and remember that it will pass.

4) “A disciplined mind brings happiness.” –Buddha

No, it’s not easy. Slogging through a seemingly endless march of papers, assignments, and exam preparation is no joke. You’re tired. You’re fed up. You want to quit.


Cultivating an inner discipline, like the one that’s been asked of you now during this time of heightened stress, will become a great asset to you in the future.

Developing the mental fortitude to continue on, even when you’re exhausted, will strengthen your resolve. The next time a similar demand is placed on you, you’ll be able to guide yourself through with greater ease.

5) “Give, even if you have only a little.” –Buddha

Whatever you have within you, give. Whatever strength, whatever patience, whatever resilience you have, give.

When things get hectic and overwhelming, it’s more important than ever to bring forward the tenacity and perseverance you have within.

Don’t give up on yourself. There’s more in you than you would believe. You have the talent, the skill, the strength to continue on. You do.

Whatever you have, give. Even when you think you can’t possibly give any more. Give.

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