There are so many problems that we girls face while trying to achieve a flawless makeup look and so many of these problems can be easily solved if only we knew some quick hacks! So here are the top 5 makeup hacks from best makeup artist in Mumbai that are sure to change your life for the better!

Makeup Hack #1: Pull off An Effortless Natural Beauty Look
Do you want an elegant makeup look without looking like you’ve caked on multiple layers of makeup? Well, look no further! Just mix in a drop of your favorite liquid highlighter with your liquid foundation and then apply it all over your face for glowing skin. You can even mix your highlighter with a moisturizer or a BB cream instead.

Makeup Hack #2: Prevent an Oily Nose
Does it ever happen that your makeup looks fabulous when you’ve applied it on, but as the hours go by, a blob of oil begins to form over your nose and no matter how many times you wipe it, it just keeps coming again, ruining your entire makeup look? A simple trick is to put eyeshadow primer on your nose and then set it with some setting spray; then proceed to apply foundation over it.

Makeup Hack #3: Increase the Lasting Power of Your Lipstick
Start by applying your lipstick and then place a tissue over your lips. Dust the tissue on your lips with an invisible setting powder and then take the tissue off. The light sprinkling of powder will lock your lipstick in place by absorbing the excess moisture and will make sure that your lipstick lasts all day!

Makeup Hack #4: Revive Your Dried Out Mascara
Now you’re all done with your makeup except for that final touch of mascara. You take out the wand, coated in mascara, but when you apply it on, it’s either all dried out or has coated your eyelashes in terrible clumps. A simple solution is a saline solution! Just add 3-5 drops into your tube of mascara, then stir, and wallah! Your mascara’s texture will look and feel as good as new! Another annoyance with mascara is when you get stains all over your eyelid, especially after you’re done blending in your eyeshadow. A bonus tip to save your time and effort is to hold a spoon against your eyelashes to shield your eyelids as you apply the mascara. Now the mascara will stain the spoon instead of your eyelids!

Makeup Hack #6: Remove Your Makeup with a Natural Makeup Remover
Scrubbing at your skin to remove the layers of makeup with just soap and water can be quite damaging to your skin; especially around the eyes. Instead, take a tub of Vaseline and apply a blob of it onto your skin, massaging it in. Then continue to remove the makeup with a cotton pad. This hack works well even with waterproof makeup, and if you don’t have Vaseline, you can also use coconut oil.

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