A great blogging strategy is the cornerstone for any social administration. If you’re not blogging and you don’t understand the power of blogging then you’re missing the boat.

These are some wise words from my friend Nate Kievman, Executive Editor of LinkedIn & Business Magazine. It’s tough for many businesses to comprehend the importance or significance of a great blogging strategy and I don’t blame them.

Many people often say: “Who would want to read what I have to say? I’ve got nothing to write about!”  The goal in creating a blogging strategy is uncovering what it is that would be of interest to your target market.

Imagine you’re looking at the wheel and you have all the different social networks on the outside of it. The hub is going to be the blog and that’s going to give you an access point to authenticity, to engaging people and pulling them into your marketing funnels whatever that may be.

Taking A Stand On Your Virtual Stage

When Nate and I recently discussed the power of blogging, he mentioned a great story about a friend of his who is making seven figures working only a handful of days in a year. Her content is so good that she actually makes $100,000 a month through Google Ads because she gets that much traffic.

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Can everyone do this? Of course not. Most industry markets aren’t going to be that big but could you generate revenue from it just by creating good content and having a good blog strategy?


“Not only can it create good AdSense type traffic, if done appropriately and targeted with the right keywords, it will attract your core market. I try to consistently put out about two to three posts per week and in doing so over the past couple of years, I tweaked it and wrote something on my blog about social media for authors.

Because of the blog’s authority, what it did in the minds of my followers was it had gifted me the authority of being on what I call the “virtual stage.” One of the many followers that had saw the post I did for authors, emailed me and said “I’d like to talk.” It turns out that this person is an executive coach for the Fortune 100 CEOs and he wants to do a book launch. He wants to use LinkedIn and wants me to do it for him. A mid-five-figure contract later after 30 minutes of a conversation, this is not a long drawn out sales cycle, its yes let’s do it, okay great and boom we’re done. All of that was only possible because of my blogging strategy.”

5 Major Business Benefits of Blogging:

  1. Shortens Sales Cycles
  2. Increases Per-Deal Transaction
  3. Lengthen The Lifetime Value of a Customer
  4. Blogging Increases Trust And Credibility
  5. Positions You As The Expert

Have you incorporated a blogging strategy into your businesses marketing plan? Post a link to your blog in the comments below!

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